THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight

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TANGOED @ 14:54 Yes those tweets jumped out at me too. Yet …

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TANGOED @ 14:54
Yes those tweets jumped out at me too.
Yet another liar caught out at this trial, this time Regan and his ‘not crystallised’ nonsense.
Two weeks before the deadline for a European licence, the debt certainly had and it’s now been admitted in a court of law.

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THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Getting away with a foul and not committing one at all are two different things.
But you knew that anyway 19

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
If no free-kick is awarded then that would make it a good tackle, not a foul. 
You don’t get booked for that.

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Who Is Conning Whom?
My post above should, of course, have said David Longmuir, who was head honcho at the SFL, rather than Neil Doncaster! 
However he seems to have taken his huge payoff and disappeared so you’d have to find him first.

Who Is Conning Whom?
I remember a few years ago on here an old squirrel or two came up with some of their own theories on why Sevco started the cup competitions at the very first hurdle. 
I remember too, Paul McBride famously saying that you could drive a coach and horses through the SFA’s rule book, which he of course did himself. 
The SFL, as it was at the time of Rangers demise, had a more set-in-stone set of rules, particularly in it’s own cup competition, the League Cup. No sign of discretion anywhere, their seeding was based solely on a club’s league position in the previous season. Absolutely impossible therefore, for a club who finished 2nd in the top division not to be seeded.
It’s just a pity that whoever set up the Q&A session with Regan didn’t ask the same questions to Doncaster eh?

Enough is enough
Interesting article regarding Politechnica Timisoara FC and how the CAS dealt with their claim of being the same club after liquidation.
The similarities between that club and Sevco are striking to say the least.

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
The dead club may well be on the list as the link you posted doesn’t contain all the clubs,  just a select few.

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Reading easyjambo’s post about the Scottish Football Hall of Fame got me thinking that we should have an alternative; the Hall of Infamy.
The problem we’d have though, is that we’d never find a hall big enough anywhere to house all the recipients!

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