The Case for a New SFA.


Scapaflow 1st October 2015 at 9:21 pm # I am …

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scapaflow 1st October 2015 at 9:21 pm # I am now in Doctor Who mode – listening  from behind the sofa 

Perchance is Ambrose wi you ?

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The Case for a New SFA.
I Must stop talking to myself
Write this out a hundred times and go tae bed.
OK Mrs 06Ianagain

The Case for a New SFA.
However  on the substantial point.
b) but even if the name is the same, is it, can it be, the same whistle?
I’m finding JJs commentaries ever more intriguing. Never mind the maths, his principle is undying and has been for years now. DCK is a convicted criminal with a record and he has been accepted by the SFA.
He is spurned in his home country. Spurned by the markets here.
Mr sit on fence is kind of beyond the point of arguing OC/NC and is saying to the unhearing masses that they are about to gift a slab of money to DCK without a thought as to the why for.
The information he disseminates is the best antidote to the SMSM and L5 spin in the last 4 years.
Will anyone listen?
Do they listen to Phil?

The Case for a New SFA.
ianagain 24th October 2015 at 12:22 am #‘….The Acme Thunderer is alive and well and in use all around the railways…3 You will likely never hear the 3rd.’_______a) that’s very cheering news…b) but even if the name is the same, is it, can it be, the same whistle?

Naw everyone blaws it different.
My favourite lookout a big 6’8 Portsmouth supporter can deafen you from 300 yards I swear.
Mines a bit gleaming still, only been about for 12 years.

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