The Case for a New SFA.


Auldheid, Nothing I alluded to indicated a connection of the …

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Auldheid, Nothing I alluded to indicated a connection of the two issues. My point is that we had a board who were rattled  by the support in the room for the living wage proposal and it therefore suited them not to have a discussion on another issue that would have been supported by the assembled shareholders. I appreciate that the Res 12 discussions had taken place before the agm began but it definitely suited the board, to have it withdrawn/shelved on the day. I believe that it would have been better to have continued with the resolution on the day but the proposers were obviously persuaded otherwise. I’m sure that you are as frustrated by the lack of outcomes as the rest of us but the board appear to be in total control of the situation and the apparent inaction by them is a disappointment. 

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The Case for a New SFA.
The Celtic board have always kept the smaller shareholders  at arms length. The agreement to withdraw resolution 12, two years ago was another slick move designed to quieten an agm already revolting on the living wage proposal (still being pursued). The board are doing their job but are not following the wishes of a large number of shareholders and supporters. Business conditions obviously dictate the actions of the board but there are social and moral issues that require to be ruled by what’s either right or wrong, not by business pragmatism. Cheating, lying and hiding the facts are not part of any business or social model that I want to be part of. DD and his ilk inhabit a world that most us don’t recognise, his pronouncements are relatively unimportant to me, but create a headline that finds favour with the people who think they are. Many of us will drift away from the game,  I’m reminded what Mr Stein said about football without fans.

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A Lie for a Lie
The msm obviously have information regarding sevco's wage deferment,  that wasn't inclued in the official statement. They stress a 50% payment, whilst the official statement doesn't say that. PR spin or blatant misreporting?

We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
Beaton may be a former season ticket holder, he may be a Mason or a lodge member, I don't honestly know, or care for that matter. I do care that he has the audacity to claim that having seen all of the incidents last week, he is secure in his judgement that nothing warranted him even having a word in Morelos's ear. Further, I also care that his employers at the SFA,  are happy to accept this.

However, the only way to overcome the ambitions of the establishment's favoured club, is to take a leaf out of Jock Steins book " If you're good enough,  the referee doesn't matter". Play well enough and the referee's role becomes that of, Timekeeper and Score keeper. 


Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
I’m loathe to express sympathy for MW, but he really looked extremely uncomfortable at today’s q&a. The manager of a top flight club being prevented from answering is bad enough but to be effectively dragged from the room, is embarrassing. Maybe a simple press release prepared by JT, will replace future briefings. That it’s not going to end well is inevitable.The people who think they are, have a lot of thinking to do.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Auldheid, Thanks for your reply, I look forward to the day when everything is out in the open and acknowledged by the club, football authorities and msm.However I’m not holdin my breath.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
A fair summation if a little speculative. Unfortunately, I agree that there is no appetite amongst the  plc board to do anything but sideline and delay Resolution 12. The requisitioners are no doubt well meaning and passionate about this but made the mistake of getting into bed with the plc. That Celtic are complicit in much that is wrong with Scottish football is no secret but the truth is that the only solution is too drastic to contemplate. The majority of us will continue to moan about cheating and corruption in our game, whilst still turning up or tuning in to watch it.

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