The Case for a New SFA.


Honestly wish johnjames, Merlin and ninjaman would join us. ********************** Fully concur. …

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Honestly wish johnjames, Merlin and ninjaman would join us.
Fully concur. I have a colleague who is a Rangers man and from around the start of this year he has been questioning the ‘perceived wisdom’ of DCK as the Messiah. This is a guy who fully bought in to Mr Charles as a great guy and that it was only a matter of time, rightful place, blah blah!!
His sea change has been brought about by a gradual realisation that the good ship Sevco was sailing through a patch of fiscal turbulence and that the lifeboats were conspicuous by their absence. Or to quote the man himself, ‘dae they think Ah’m f***** daft?’.
He still has his season ticket, which he has had for 25 years and continues to support his team but is now questioning his status as a ‘co-investor’, a term that implies that reciprocal funds are also being chucked into the pot. It would appear that ‘sole investor’ is a more apt term.

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The Case for a New SFA.
Big Pink 17th October 2015 at 12:07 am #
A kind of oral Stunney if you will 🙂
Ah Stunney! Anyone ever find out why he got the bump from his paper round?
Been enjoying a week of continental swally and have enjoyed catching up (though not as much, it has to be said!) Lots to comment on but think I’ll keep my powder dry for now.
As ever, the MSM regaling us with tidings of joy down Govan way. Unbelievable! Or, perhaps not.
It is my sincere wish that the wheels of justice will, having got moving, gain some traction and become a juggernaut of justice. Poetic or whit!

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Just a thought on Champions League windfalls. Figures of £25-30m being bandied about, signing targets identified, ticket package prices, glamour clubs coming to call. All great stuff.
However, as I understand it, apart from gate receipts, the moolah is not paid out until the conclusion of the competition. Imagine then if TRFC had qualified. If, as I am sure, they remain a company with unaudited accounts, no bank credit facilities and an expected shortfall in operating capital, how on earth could they now embark upon the expected transfer splurge that would allow them to compete?
I would expect that finance could be obtained with such gilt edged security as Champions League income on the horizon (in about 9 months time!) but at what cost. Usurious interest rates would surely accompany any monies loaned, with guarantees sought as to surety of the business retaining (or obtaining) its standing until such time as the loans were scheduled to be repaid. Lenders would also require a studious look at current cash flow projections, directors remuneration, alternative income streams and any anticipated ‘unusual’ expenditure within the current financial period.
Dave King made the ridiculous statement that Celtic would face a challenge as to how they would ‘recycle’ their wealth. Surely a greater challenge would exist for TRFC to access such a windfall. Just saying!!

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Hi All, been a while, good to be back. Work commitments and sun seeking beckoned.
In the pub Friday night I was chatting to a guy I have known for many years, a long standing TRFC supporter and a thoroughly decent man. He was telling me he is one of the many who pay £18.72 per month into the RFFF (or whatever it’s called these days) and that he is happy to do so. He stated that he is doing his bit to protect his club and boasted about the share % now owned. He has no idea how many fellow supporters are contributing, cash at hand, fund administration or who has their hand on the tiller. Director resignations? Well, things change, usually for the better.
He could not tell me from whom the shares had been purchased, at what price or who is the legal owner & benificiary of the shareholding. It is also viewed as a convenience that the Season Card does not need to be applied for, it is automatically deducted from his account. In ONE payment! Same for away tickets.
In his opinion, his club is being well run and the future is looking good. The signing policy has produced the correct blend of youth and experience to challenge for major honours this season.
I then steered the conversation towards the good looking girl at the bar. 

Look Back to Look Forward
Hi All, been away for a while, taken 2 days to catch up!
Mr JC. I can only imagine the gut wrenching feeling that must have come over you at the ‘Nothing!’ response to your query. In my working life I was unfortunately made redundant a few months ago, which is why I’ve been away. I have now secured a good position locally so all’s well and all that.
Very early in the redundancy process we entered a ‘Period of Consultation’ and I met with a ‘Reganesque’ MBA wielding cliche spouting non-entity from HR. I stopped him in full flow and asked what he honestly expected the Consultation Period to achieve and was met with the response ‘Nothing!’. I swiftly negotiated a payment to cover the period and was gone.
My point is that in all walks of life, wherever there is a position, or more importantly an entrenched self interest to protect, that is what we, the ordinary guy, will come up against. 
The SFA is nothing if not composed of a passel of self interested entrenched individuals which makes up the ‘whole’ and as such, in my opinion (no pun intended!) is lesser than the sum of its parts. A kind of reverse synergy.
On the football front, I am continuing to support my team and will be at Hampden for the semi-final. My view is that I am not going to let the scandal that is Scottish Football governance spoil my lifetime enjoyment. I would consider being part of an organised campaign of withdrawal of patronage but for the meantime I will enjoy the highs and lows as they come.

Two wrongs and a right
bfbpuzzled 16th January 2016 at 1:11 pm #there seems to be a bit of a Vonnegut following here- there are many issues here which would meet the definition of what he called a blivit. – goggle it and you will discover what I mean.
From the Urban Dictionary
blivitBlivit = a fat assed ugly women. Most blivits do not take very good care of their personal hygiene or themselves. Many blivits tend to be obese slobs, and make no effort to improve their personal appearance. These hags tend to live on junk food, pop and munchies – where are the doritos !

Not sure if this is what old Kurt had in mind but you never know!! 

LNS – A Summary
In the pub Friday night, same old stuff. I wasn’t going to comment as I have posted in a similar vein on several occasions. However, in light of the disgraceful article in the DR today, I feel compelled to share my experiences.
Anyway, back to the pub. The usual debates came around and as gently as the occasion would allow, I advanced the line that it’s not about EBT’s, it’s the registrations. The responses I got chime almost exactly with the DR piece and other ‘articles of deflection’ we have recently been subjected to. ‘Won on the park’ ‘might have signed anyway’ ‘move on’ ‘LNS’ ‘it’s only tax, no’ really cheatin’ ‘obsessed’ ‘taxman down 2-1’.
Newspaper editors (yes, even the sports desk) tend not to be stupid people. I am totally baffled as to why they are continuing to deflect from the issue at hand. What is the agenda? Who benefits? 
Almost Friday again. Cannae wait!

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