The Case for a New SFA.

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From James Doleman’s blog: The second set of charges relate to …

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From James Doleman’s blog:

The second set of charges relate to allegations of a conspiracy between Whyte, Whitehouse, Clark and Charles Green to place RFC in administration and then, after appointing Duff and Phelps as administrators acquiring the assets of the business for a sum significantly below the market value using a company, Sevco 5088 as a vehicle. This, the prosecution say deprived the company’s creditors of money that should have been due to them. Greens consortium, the Crown said, paid Duff and Phelps a £200,000 “exclusivity fee,” of which £137,500 of which was refunded by Craig Whyte. Green is also charged with misleading investors and others about Whyte’s role in the transaction.

Of course, should this be proved, the SFA will undoubtedly revisit the Pinsent Masons investigation and act upon it.14

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The Case for a New SFA.
If Green were cleared of all charges then surely his costs would be met by the prosecution anyway? 

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LNS – A Summary
You’ll find no sympathy for Bolton among the other members of the football league, particularly their odious CEO Phil Gartside. This is a man who wanted a sealed two tier premiership with entry to it based on some vague notion of “size and finance threshold”. I wonder if he stills wants to apply the same criteria?
Bolton are the epitome of how you shouldn’t run a football club, proceeding unsustainably with colossal losses year after year funded by the largesse of a single individual who has now turned off the tap.

Phil Gartside’s Plan To Shaft English Football – Part 3

LNS – A Summary
This judge is amazing entertainment. Refreshingly, there’s virtually no abstruse impenetrable legalese, and he genuinely seems aware of the world outside the courtroom.  The poor old counsels are almost having to earn their money.

LNS – A Summary
Would be quite funny if Dave King was charged with contempt of court for prematurely celebrating the dismissal of his contempt of court case. 03

LNS – A Summary
As much distaste as I have for Dave King, I confess that I’m still puzzled as to what was revealed of any importance in the anodyne interview with Jim White, and it sounds like the judge thinks that too. The suspicion is that MA simply wants to attack King on every front possible.
Still, I believe King’s affidavit is an amazing own goal: He just can’t stop himself lying. It would have been far more plausible to claim he’d merely misunderstood the terms of the agreement and it was an, ahem, honest mistake. There is clearly a great deal more he could have revealed about the retail agreement.

LNS – A Summary
I’m generally not that interested in stories about which manager is going where, but this quote caught me eye:

And, on Twitter on Wednesday evening, the manager said he was “bemused and frustrated by shockingly incorrect stories from certain media outlets“.

Join the club!  19 

(or is that company?)

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