The Case for a New SFA.

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An observation/question regarding Clark & Whitehouse acting as administrators of …

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An observation/question regarding Clark & Whitehouse acting as administrators of TRFC PLC (now RFC 2012 PLC (IL)).
Would the strange non-administration behaviour of the administrators be explained by their knowledge that the outcome of that administration had been predetermined?
At the time, we were all amazed and somewhat baffled by the unique approach of the administrators and their unorthodox non-costcutting and the lack of any material downsizing.

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The Case for a New SFA.
The above article under the header “Fifa: ‘Deep concern’ over Sheikh Salman presidency bid” contains the following paragraph and when I first read it I thought it said SFA instead of FIFA and they were going mention the 5 WA.

“In a statement, Fifpro said, “A clean break from the past is essential for Fifa to climb out of the toxic pit which continues to produce serious accusations of corrupt behaviour on almost a daily basis. At the same time, there is no doubt the present mayhem has left Fifa morally bankrupt.” (Fifpro is the global players’s union rather than a video game, as I first thought.)

The Case for a New SFA.
timomouse October 21, 2015 at 8:33 am #

The Cat NR1 October 20, 2015 at 10:43 pm #
‘…… I think that we need to get the SFA house in order before looking at what is going on in the leagues. ..’

I certainly disagree with that sentiment. Whatever your opinion of the SFA, allowing your opinion on them to colour your opinion on changing things as a whole is backwards and would suggest that what you want is unachievable unless personalities change.

If you want to effect change, then it has to be done within the system, with a consensus and with mass interaction. You, I and everyone on here knows things aren’t perfect but it’s not possible to fix things or, more importantly, change the minds of vested interests by not engaging with the system as it is.

Ripping things up and starting again is an understandably seductive notion, but it is never going to happen. There are clubs who are perfectly happy with the current system as it gets them large supports and gets them access to European revenues and people expend far more energy attempting to combat that than in attempting to convince the multitude of very good people whom work within the SPFL and SFA.

The whole point of this site when it was set up three years ago post-RTC was to provide a forum for fans across all supports to hold authorities to account. Three years later and one has to ask – is holding the entire system to account really achievable?

I would say not.

Is working within the current system to create a broad based consensus to change things little by little possible? Definitely.

Simply to ask people “Give me ten achievable ideas each” will surely yield one that actually ends up being put into practice. That in itself will be as much success as the admirable aims of this site have ever achieved.
Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic will still us with the Titanic but with the deckchairs moved about.
We’ve only just undergone a restructuring, which has finally brought all the senior clubs under one roof.
Dumping the split or playoffs so soon after that change is more likely to alienate rather than attract potential fans as the product will appear to be ephemeral in nature. However, there is no problem with discussing potential changes in theory, as any solution would have to be a long term one, rather than a knee jerk reaction to today’s dysfunctional “journey” obsessed situation. If a long-term solution can be arrived at, it will remain a long-term solution so there will be no immediate necessity to implement it.

However, if there were a root and branch reform of governance through a complete deconstruction and planned reconstruction of the SFA, there would be the possibility of phasing in a permanent new league structure that should be viewed as part of the long term future of the game going forward.

However, I can’t see there being any acceptable change until the Ibrox Franchise situation is resolved. There are too many conflicted parties, either through their involvement in the 5 WA or some other involvement with the Ibrox Franchise for that to happen.

The Case for a New SFA.
timomouse October 20, 2015 at 9:13 pm #

On everything
There’s some interesting stuff in there.
However, I think that we need to get the SFA house in order before looking at what is going on in the leagues. It’s that conundrum about whether normal sport is posible in an abnormal society again.

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The Day I was on the Scotland U-23 Bench
It’s nice to see that the BBC is carolling from the SkySports songsheet in the above article.
“OF” mentioned twice and some top level liquidation denial thrown in for good measure.

Peace – Not War
Any chance of this happening in Scotland?

Peace – Not War
bfbpuzzledDecember 6, 2016 at 20:31
What do the various Rangers have to show for their loans fundamentally hee haw I believe. Nothing has been done to build potential long term income streams via improved facilities or some other projects. It seems that the assets have declined in value and future fixed costs are likely to rise in the form of deferred maintenance. There may be a baldrickian plan and opportunity available for some rich tax pauchler but I do not know what it is -perhaps some advice should be sought.
I suspect that rather than one of Baldrick’s cunning plans, they will go with the tried and tested Earl Haig’s underpants over the head and pencils up the nostrils. And we all know how that ended up.
It wasn’t the admininistration and liquidation to end all administrations and liquidations though. Deja vu?

Peace – Not War
HomunculusNovember 24, 2016 at 21:2328 Votes 
Using EBTs incorrectly in order to reduce your tax was never a “loophole” it was classic tax avoidance.
Tax avoidance is not and never has been perfectly acceptable as some people would have you believe. That is tax management.
Tax avoidance is using a legitimate scheme, incorrectly, for a purpose which was never intended.
Investing in an ISA is tax management.
Using an EBT to receive contractual payments is tax avoidance.
That’s heading into tax evasion territory.

Peace – Not War
John Clark
November 25, 2016 at 10:365 Votes 
upthehoopsNovember 25, 2016 at 07:11 “9. …and they all lived happily ever after.” SmugasNovember 25, 2016 at 07:27 “ a cost (to them) of between £1-3 million per annum. And if they can do that without our contribution..” _____________ But fear not! The 4-year-old club will get a bob or two from the friendly with RB Leipzig in January, and, the rumour mill grinds out, a lucrative sponsorship deal from the owners of that 7-year-old club, none other than Red  Possibly even a buy-in!
Would they bring out a special OrangeBull to mark the occasion?
500M potential worldwide customers could generate a huge turnover, and with the club/company/engine room subsidiary getting 1p cashback for every 1,000,000 unit sales of OrangeBull that could solve the funding plan (or is it business plan?) gap almost overnight.
I’m sure Neil Patey would confirm that to be the case.

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