The Case for a New SFA.

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A little belated from me …… but a massive thank …

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A little belated from me …… but a massive thank you to all at the Perth meeting for making my 5 hour drive from Yorkshire so worthwhile. The old eyesight is not what it used to be and the roadtrip was akin to a voyage through yon stars in Star Trek, with the speeding side blur now just coming to a stop. Unfortunately, my wife is now in focus with a large list of to-dos in hand and I used to look forward to Saturdays too!
However, that said, what a splendid bunch of really decent, open-minded, informed football fans I encountered. Truly heartwarming! Jim Craig is a very special football man. More of his ilk in the corridors of power and our game would be sorted in no time!
Special thanks to BP for being such a good listener and for taking on the onerous task of pulling all things together, for I am sure he really has nothing else to be doing in his life!!!
Bless you all for all you give and do with your talents on behalf of this so important enterprise of ours.
Hope to meet up with lots more of you in future.

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
It is so good to read so many posters and, of course, BRTH, remind us that we are trying to do here is to ensure that our social and legal mechanisms are used for keeping us civilised, just and honest. Lies are deployed to give organisations and individuals an unfair advantage in their dealings with others. All of actions of the SFA, SPFL,  Murray, Whyte, Green, King, SMSM, BBC and the supremacist bigots in our establishment etc have lied consistently over the duration of this saga, solely to give the Ibrox entities an undeserved advantage in its dealings with others. Thankfully, they are not even very good liars, since their collective memory is pragmatic, utilitarian and inconsistent and makes weak everything they say.
The SMSM in particular should be vehemently castigated for what they have offered up, simply because it is so apparent that they are defending obvious lies, through their deploying of pea-brained sycophants and headlight-startled EBT rabbits, to propagate the continuity myth.
Twenty-five centuries ago, in one of his mind-boggling treatises on ethics, Aristotle reminded us that we do not function well as a a community when we do not place honouring truth, even above honouring friends. The lies and deceit of all of the groups mentioned above will eventually be exposed to the daylight and we cannot allow it to be otherwise, for it is these condoned lies and deceptions that have created this sorry state of affairs. The people who have done this should have no place of prominence or credibility in our sport and should be shunned for what they have done.  
At times, it does not appear that all the good efforts of the bloggers, posters et al, do not achieve a great deal. Nothing could be further from the truth these days, because the repository of truth lies far more with us, than it does with the self-serving groups who push lies and deceit.
Many thanks to all here who contribute so much to getting us where we would like to be…… a place where truth, integrity and decency override privilege and unfair advantage.

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Going to have a bit of a rant chaps, as I become more and more furious at the circling of the wagons by the football authorities, the SMSM and the clowns at Ibrox! King has done my head in today!
My head shakes in disbelief at the latest utterance from this buffoon King, he who styles himself ‘Chairman’ of whatever face of the Ibrox undertaking takes his fancy at any given time. How can anyone accept this man to be in a charge of a business, particularly such a controversial business as the Ibrox entity? Today he speaks, almost ex cathedra from the Blue Room (maybe not an appropriate phrase for him), as if he is the one who controls the definitive and true picture of which path the ongoing saga might take. Reading his guff, it is quite obvious the man is deluded in his sanctimonious self-righteousness. In his world, despite the unanimous decision of the 5 non-intellectually challenged Supreme Court judges, what he and the SFA believe, should hold sway. All he and his hinterland continue to offer is their delusional sense of entitlement and their desire to be the dominant, prominent force forever in Scottish football, no matter what the cost is to everyone else in the game. He doesn’t care how it is done but expects the authorities to bend over backwards to accommodate his vision of how things must be, the 5WA being the gorilla in the room for all to see. Just how often can this guy get things so wrong and still have the nerve to expect to retain any credibility? What is it that this infernal entity and its hordes actually expect the rest of to do? Are we supposed to sit back and tolerate the nonsensical expectations they have?
Fans talk of the cheating years of the EBTs but for me that was only about money. The sense of entitlement at Ibrox has been going on for nearly a century and most of what they have wished and expected has prevailed and gone their way, due to compliant football authorities and shockingly helpful placemen in refereeing and administration. During my quite lengthy lifetime, Ibrox and the SFA in particular, often appeared to be the one and same thing, so sprinkled were those in authority with helpful hands in all things Ibroxian. In the Saga, apparently no one has made any correct decisions on  what went on…….. at every turn we get denial after denial….HMRC were wrong, Dr Poon was wrong, the Court of Session was wrong, the Supreme Court is wrong, the Police were wrong etc…… no acceptance of any kind that they were just caught in flagrante… at it…as they say in Glasgow. No sense of shame, repentance, morality or integrity has ever been shown. They are good at faux victimhood, though!
Murray’s cheating years was driven by nothing more than the catastrophe of the team from Parkhead having had the gall to become Champions of Europe and his club hadn’t, especially with the trophy gap narrowing in the last fifty years. It was a fact too far for ra Peepul and it was the obsession to do something about it at all costs, that ultimately drove his club to oblivion. The self-inflicted woes at Ibrox have been caused by nothing more than a manically obsessive sense of entitlement.
Please can someone explain to me, in simple terms, as to why any competitive sport should condone unreserved preference on any of its competitors? Yet, the ‘We are Rangers’ mantra still flourishes and unfettered behaviour from this club, its fans and its unseen helping hands are still tolerated by those in authority within the game. It is absurd and totally unacceptable and we must continue to resist it on every front.
Finally, with my not having been around for a long while, I wish to thank all who continue to contribute to this blog and all the time and effort put into providing the research, knowledge and insight that keeps the rest of us informed of the non-SMSM view of the football world.

Peace – Not War
Can’t help thinking this SMSM stuff on TRFC’s supposed improvement….no doubt in all aspects of its activities…. is more akin to Young Mr Grace’s endorsement of ‘your all doing very well’ to the staff of Grace Brothers, when, in fact, the reality is chasing control of chaos.
Most contributors to this blog are obviously not intellectually challenged. Neither are most fans of football about the nuances of the game. Some of the media judgements and, dare I say it, some of the TRFC player judgements on yesterday’s game are from Cloud Cuckoo land. Psychologists and psychiatrists do say one has to work very hard to be achieve sanity in this day and age. Some TRFC folk are going to have to put in a lot more work to first encounter football reality, before they reach football sanity.
The other things, of course, are that the triumphalism and entitlement never seem to be on the wane. That is why I, too, am of the opinion that things will only ever be right once the charlatans are gone and the TRFC support + SMSM friends undergo mass conversion to sporting integrity. They had better realise quickly that their former football tyranny in Scotland will no longer be tolerated by fans of other clubs.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Was just about to make the same comment, Stevie.
Seems to me that the wiki page ‘Ownership of Rangers FC’ has DCK nowhere near the Board of The Rangers Football Club’ but, rather, chairing the RIFC plc board.
Of course, King ACTS as if he is the Chair of the RFC board and gets away with it. He knows damn well that he cannot officially be a director of the football side of things but just does his shape-shifting, mind meld stuff to present as chair of either or both entities to suit his particular whim and need. Another untruth.
The tale of the simultaneous death, re-birth and  resurrection and continuity of this magical club,is, seemingly a wonder to behold…… a wonder affirmed by Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. Someone with appropriate access to editing wiki pages should go through this ‘Ownership of Rangers FC’ and other such pages with a large redaction pen and Tippex, as their inaccuracies just perpetuate the myth that all is acceptable and well in the aftermath of the fraud that has been perpetrated on us all.
These are pages that are well-thumbed by lots of people and, as we know, Wikipedia is always accurate, so the info is Gospel…..not!….. but believed all the same.
I haven’t posted for a long while, recent neck surgery and two new  knees to follow…. all the praying I did when younger! Just like to thank all of you for the truly remarkable gift of the time you all give to keep the torch of truth lit and, of course, the knowledge you impart to the simple ‘numpties’ like me. Oh yes!… and the smiles your efforts bring to our days.

Journey’s End?
Came across this little article on the BBC Wales and thought it might be of interest to SFM readers. Seems some FAs have better licensing standards than others!

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