The Causes of Crime

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The Causes of Crime


A major bone of contention when Celtic moved to Hampden was that despite paying a very high rent, they had zero access to hospitality and stadium catering. The only matchday spend Celtic had access to was tickets and programmes.

Celtic had no negotiating power at all because they were told by the SFA that they could not stay at Celtic Park and rebuild in a phased manner. Therefore they had no other choice but to accept the deal on offer.

When it came out in the wash later on, Fergus McCann accused Ernie Walker of  ‘misleading’ him with regard to the regulatory need to relocate.

However the fact remains that the lease only allowed access on matchdays. Celtic had to provide stewarding, cleanup, and of course policing. The SFA and Queens Park kept the revenues from catering.

The Causes of Crime

OCTOBER 22, 2016 

And for BP. All commercial premises have a meter

Thanks DOM. I thought that was the case these days

The Causes of Crime


I think we are at cross purposes here. The two sides of the meter scenario you mention has always pertained in my experience in businesses with significant water use. 

Where we differ is in the customer management of it. Most businesses keeping an eye on costs would be flagging that up a lot sooner than £2m – a lot sooner IMO. Also an easier job to measure losses within a closed system like a football stadium than it is on a public main.

However that really wasn’t my main point. I was actually trying to debunk the theory that there was theft of water going on.

The most likely situation, in the absence of malice, is that the company may well be behind on their water bills, but that the amount of liability is not critical. 

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I suspect the TDs are not from SFM folk (remember the ratings are available to all manner of trolls). It is a disgusting world-view if made in earnest. A shocking way to score a point if not.

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Ghost town today 🙂

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
A very happy Christmas and a peaceful and successful New Year to everyone connected with the beautiful game in our wee country.
From Me and Tom (Tris) and all the mods. Merry Christmas from SFM

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One

Just out of curiosity, has anyone noticed that Ernest no longer posts since we went to the trouble of creating a whole new thread for him?

Was pretty sure he wasn’t a troll too. Render me disappointed 🙂

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