The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan


Since MSM are still insisting on calling RFSIASTBL ‘Rangers’ … How …

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Since MSM are still insisting on calling RFSIASTBL ‘Rangers’ …

How about this imaginary exchange between NL and MSM should CFC meet TRFC (?) in the Scottish Cup (if WATP are still in it ) ? :-

“Well Neil, you’ve been drawn against Rangers. How do you think it will go?”. (MSM)

“SEVCO will fight till the day is done, I know that much” (NL).


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The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
MSM (We too are Ra Peepul), are now in denial and delusional overdrive with their paranoid reporting, spouting more and more drivel at an ever increasing, and alarming (for the rest of Scottish Football), rate.

Things have gone well beyond ‘throwing their toys out of the pram’, and acting out of wilful spite as they failed to help save RFC1872

They also, as there sales shrink , seem unable to realise that by ‘clutching at the straw’ on offer (i.e. reporting the truth as per RTC/TSFM) , they might just be able to make some amends to the Scottish Football public which could, in turn, save them some respectability and, who knows, even help increase sales.

Or … am I now getting delusional?

And …what’s next – a DR petition, signed by?, to have RFCIASTBL jettisoned INTO the SPL asap – for the good of Scottish Football of course?

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Questions, questions, questions
So … the GASL is back with a vengeance:-

‘ Dave King hits back at *Rangers CMA price fixing accusations and insists the club is not complicit in shirt deal’ (Football Scotland)

Q: Was was complcit then?

and it gets better …

‘ The South African based former chairman insists he kept a close eye on everything to make sure it was by the book’ Whit a belter that wiz!

Q: What book are we talking about here!?

Ye should jist keep yir trap shut Dave.

Questions, questions, questions
“Rangers have played in five finals and not six ”

Whit a sneaky and unsuccessful attempt to try and claim continuity (!) so, in the interest of factual and legal accuracy, as well as the credibility of this blog, the above statement should perhaps have been submitted along the following lines …

“Rangers (1872-2012) played in four finals and not five. The current incarnation of the aforementioned (TRFC) has played in one final ” Only then has the statement credibility.

Admittedly, for a ten-year old club to reach a European final, was quite an achievement.

Questions, questions, questions

I agree with your reply to Nawlite wrt the orange strip – this ‘statement’, especially the timing, is right out of the WATP ‘playbook’, I seem to recollect this having been used before (Scottish Cup Final ??? – not too sure about the date) when the strips were described as mandarin/ tangerine – with advance apologies if I’m wrong about my last point. At any rate, your point about indulging the hordes is spot on.

n.b. honesty, humility, and contrition (e.g. about liquidation) are not part of said playbook.


You won’t get a direct answer to your question about the details of the settlement, although I’m sure Big Mike will be happy being several (?) mill better off. In addition, should Sevco not win the Europa league their already well documented financial woes (amply evidenced by ever decreasing activity in transfer windows) will increase exponentially. Squeaky bum time methinks – till Wednesday at least!

Finally, lest we forget (some might if SMSM etc had anything to do with it), and to end on a legally factual note…

“Rangers Football Club. Born 1872, died 2012” (The Herald)

…and Redliichtie’s right – Scottish Football needs a strong Arbroath!!

Questions, questions, questions

I’m unable to recall if the wording was on the advertising after the last Old Firm FC visit to Celtic Park, and am wondering if GVB presented himself for interview with Cinch as part of his backdrop (I haven’t read if this was the case). Hopefully, CFC would not have been part of any taping shenanigans.

Notwithstanding that, who, In the name of the wee man, who are the ‘eejits’ who sanctioned the Fir Park Tapegate? All just to appease the unappeasable (the peepul ye ken). Motherwell should have said NAW!

I appreciate that we would not have had a TRFC interview had they done so (big deal) – but what would the ‘punishment’ have been for Motherwell – who would have risen certainly in my estimation?

A real ‘riddy’ for Scottish football – and I imagine Cinch (who will also be ‘ragin’)…

… and a final poser – who stuck the tape up? Wiz it the wee Ibrox handyman? I demand to know his name!

Questions, questions, questions
Thanks nawlite

I take your point about that haven’t read about Goldson’s tackle. This is probably due to the fact that it was not widely reported on (this is not sour grapes btw!).

However, I witnessed the tackle, and there are images of it to be found, which make it look very much like Goldson deliberately targetted Kyogo’s ankle (I accept that this is my version!).

I have opined before that such a tackle deserves a red card (irrespective of who commits it – from any team (e.g Starfelt should have seen red for his season ending tackle on Scott Nisbet at Easter Road), and I would hope that such behaviour would warrant a look by VAR – regardless of where it occurred on the pitch.

It’s one of the most dangerous, and increasingly widespread, fouls in the game.

Anyway – rant over – and thanks again for your post.

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