The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan


Smallteaser 16.08 : Yes I could & I agree with your …

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Smallteaser 16.08 :

Yes I could & I agree with your conclusion.

The money required to fund a Rangers behemoth is such that dropping a few million into a smaller clubs account wouldn’t concern them. It would give the smaller club breathing space & Rangers would reap much greater reward from earlier access to major booty.

Dunfermline don’t need to do it & I doubt their Chairman would give the matter oxygen. Of the current 12 clubs in the SPL, 8 started the season debt free. Of the remaining 4, Celtic are best placed to absorb, Hearts are in debt to their owners bank & Aberdeen are in debt to their housing empire owner, who has clout with his banks. This leaves Kilmarnock who are vulnerable.

I’m not suggesting for a moment that Kilmarnock would even consider this course of action but if any club did, the paying fan would immediately depart from what they perceived to be a rigged league…. & in my opinion, they would be correct to do so.

However the cat can be swung many ways & as other contributors have added, when it comes to reorganisation, we can expect empty gesture & loaded promise. Must be full time, must have stadium of certain capacity etc. If that were to happen, it would be most unfortunate if Ibrox failed it’s safety certificate through years of poor maintainance & being riddled with Asbestos….

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The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
Angus 15.43 :

I have just mentioned to Smallteaser there does not appear to be a common policy. I think that is all we can conclude from the combined info.

Mura on a good day can cram 3700 supporters into their stadium & have done little since birth 7 years ago. The old club ran for 80 years from 1924 & was considered a big fish. Their best period coming in the early 90’s after Slovenia broke from Yugoslavia. Today the new club carries the support & colours of the old club but not it’s history.

Whether Mura old or new have influence on a par with Fiorentina or Rangers is a moot point. They certainly couldn’t compete with success or wealth of either. Ergo I don’t think we will ever refer to Mura on a par with those fallen giants.

The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
Smallteaser 15.35 :

Yes that is peculiar in all football let alone purely in Slovenia. Had the demise of Mura happened in a larger country with more than 3 leagues, then I doubt they would be hosting Lazio tonight.

My point mainly related to the difference between how an individual footballing authority considered it’s business & that of how UEFA consider it. There are probably more examples with different outcomes but there does not appear to be a common policy.

It would appear Mura are unprepared for the big league. Their strength appears to be in holding it up rather than performance on the pitch. 6 matches played has resulted in one point. Like the three clubs who declined promotion, perhaps Mura dont have resource to compete ?

The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
Angus 15.58 :

If I may as a fellow ovine follower add to your Fiorentina point ?

Tonight Mura of Slovenia take on Lazio in the Europa Cup. ND Mura 05 was founded on 16 June, 2005. The club emerged after the dissolution of NK Mura, a club which played in the Slovenian 1.SNL league for many years, but went bankrupt and was dissolved in 2004. However, ND Mura 05 is legally not considered to be the successor of NK Mura and the statistics and honours of the two clubs are kept separate by the Football Association of Slovenia and the Association of 1. SNL.

Seems clear enough to the footballing authority in Slovenia yet Mura’s page on refers to European participation dating back to 1995.

We can make of this info what we wish. A juxtaposition between Slovenian & Scottish football authority is obvious. However UEFA don’t seem to interfere in national decisions. Indeed, on the strength of Mura, Fiorentina & Rangers, there appears no distinction is drawn between old & new.

Personally I don’t like it but in all conscience, I can only report what I find.

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Their Master’s Voice
Bawsman : 10.05

Some of the comments on the Herald were deleted around the time of your post including one that referred this site in a favourable light. To be fair, although the poster is well respected, referring other outlets is against Herald posting rules. All removed comments were critical of Mr Ogilvie & none contained vitriol. What remains though paints a pretty clear picture.

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nevilleprat 11:54

Nor can I so I shall explain.

I posted the Champions League last 16 draw because it is the greatest club competition in the world & a Scottish club is in it. This is a tremendous achievement given Scotland’s demographic & recent footballing history. As this is a Scottish Football Forum, the matter should be of interest to all supporters within Scottish Football.

To avoid doubt, I am not a Celtic supporter. My passion lies elsewhere in the SPL.

The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
Galatasery v Schalke
Celtic v Juventus
Arsenal v Bayern
Shaktar v Dortmund
AC Milan v Barcelona
Real Madrid v Man Utd
Valencia v Paris SG
Porto v Malaga

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Iceman63 10:11

Harsh, very harsh & fraught with emotional difficulty but you’re not wrong. For any meaningful change to happen, something dramatic has to occur.

We can pussy foot around various issues as much as we like but this will not force change. Our football governance is predicated by self protection, establishment & cosy arrangement that benefits very few pockets. Hitting pockets has brought result before & I assert will do so again but as you say, the heat will have to be turned up from last time.

I agree there is no point adding to the SFA email delete box. Clubs need to hear from their own that if they want income in 6 months time, they must do the right thing now. That will take considerable persuasion but again there is no point moaning about self interest of others if we place our own self interest first.

We must unite for the good of all & present a united front. I cant see how much else would have the gravitas to even get oxygen let alone increase the heart beat of our current officers.

The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
jonnyod 18.26

I have my rapscallion moments. Just a bit of banter to lighten the mood but back to serious stuff now.

Quite a few posting today wanting change at the top. I concur with this to the extent I cant see scope for meaningful change without it. Deal with the principal structure & the components will follow. Some are compiling a “wish/to do” list which I think is a good start.

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