The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan


Charlie Brown says: August 23, 2012 at 15:56 What’s more odd is …

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Charlie Brown says:

August 23, 2012 at 15:56

What’s more odd is John Bomber Brown’s silence – in complete contrast to his summer warnings and attempts to unify The Rangers fanbase against the Green/Sevco consortium.

Brown warned them against buying season tickets etc and starving them out financially, now 30K+ ST’s have been sold and full houses at Ibrox, yet what has changed?
I agree… im getting fed up asking if anyone can shed any light on this.
We had the media giving pages and airtime to Bomber, even Wee Bazza was putting up some dosh… the Goalie backed him…im sure Sandra Jardine was also trumpeting his cause.
No media response to Bombers complete failure to carry out his mention of Charlies backers..yet the SEVCONIANS continue to buy the tickets and the pies for this “fackin club”.(quote from J Brown)
I asked yet another true blue these questions today… response …no answer, no clue but yet this pesron has still rolled up and purchased a season book (against Der Bombers wishes).
Are all these people mad? I make one last appeal on this .. can someone, anyone please provide the reason for Bomber shutting his mouth? Hopefully not just because he has sobered up. ….And did he give the pensioner his £120 back??
Where’s Bomber ??? Any sightings please reply here?? Any MSM who still have his number, give him a call.. even if its just to ask him if hes ok..

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The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
I posed the question a while back about what ever happened to Bomber Brown and his demands to see who held the deeds etc? His promise to a full interview in the tabloids(that previiously reported his great sermon to the hindreds or 5 thousand(Rangers Media) of true blues outside the front doors of Ibrokes) outing Green and his motives.
Can any of our RFC supporting posters on here please provide us with any update on this ? or indeed any media who may lurk??
Has he been silenced?? By whom?? And why??
Our MSM seem to think they can give us a 2 ,3 or 4 page spread on a topic and when it gets a bit uncomfortable we can pretend it was never written.

In the interests of fairness and so this is not just coming from a twisted Selik fan, i have copied a part of a post from RM on June 28th ..see quote below

“With regards to Charles Green and – I write this as if he were reading – you sir, have been challenged. Can you show us, the supporters, who are the life and soul of Rangers Football Club, who owns our football club? Until you do, how can we put any faith in you whatsoever?
You are currently working to ensure Rangers are playing football next season and you don’t need any further distraction, with all the hurdles that have to be overcome. Meet John Brown’s demand and show us all and the world, who owns our football club”

i will add, “or at least show us a photo of the pensioner getting his £120 back!!!

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Big pink… In reply to your reply.. I don’t listen to Clyde myself.. Why not state that your facts are wrong to Alan ? You have more information on this than most people…as for his insight into Brendan wanting to be loved… Don’t we all.  And you aren’t wasting my time.. I fully subscribe to the principles of tsfm.. I was only making comment on what I felt was an opportunity to inform someone who has been in excile and out of touc whilst he gave the same narrative as the usual suspects… . Keep up the good work… You are doing more to serve our game than most  ?

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Whilst I understand that I won’t agree with all commentary from guests on the podcast… Are we seriously being asked to accept that Scottish football needs a strong rangers… Never mind asking the questions the msm don’t ask… Are we now not questioning the answers…. Thought there should at least have been a reply to Mr Nixon and his thoughts… Won’t go over the points in full but surely a mention of attendances, cups being won by teams other than Celtic or rangers being of benefit to Scottish Football … Apologies if I missed any retort to this by anyone…or I I heard wrongly..  But allowing this nonsense to go unchallenged fills me with dispair…. Be aswell listening to radio Clyde…. Back to lurking mode….for the time being. 

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Hugh Keevins can’t believe the proven John Spencer wasn’t there to do the draw instead of Lubo…whilst Daryll Broadfoot will be breaking the presidents balls for real…it’s his cup competition after all 

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
.agree Herald decision just another nail in the coffin for news print but going off topic for a minute…purchasing tickets or the upcoming semi final at hampden on Sunday for myself and family members. Informed that no student or oap concessions or for 16- 18 yr old s(already have concession season books for celtic park). Had to pUll full price for the 3 of them as well as my own…costing me 80 quid instead of an expected 35 -40 quid!!!  Informed by staff nothing to do with CFC  , told that SFA And hampden set rules…asked if CFC were going to try to do anything about it…Shrug shoulder reply…family day out will be very costly once overpriced food and drink are purchased. Bringing the fans back to Scottish football….not .
In much the same way as newspapers are being beaten by online media….football is being beaten by other entertainment industries. 

Whose assets are they anyway?
Does anyone have a copy of the attendances figures that have been on here previously that proved Armageddon was another of the great myths….if someone could PM me. Trying to open a few eyes with some figures after a university debate on all things sevco..they are actually starting to listen ….although they still reckon club that were demoted, punished etc all due to a conspiracy 09  was there not also a blog that debunked all this nonsense ..if someone could point me in the right direction.
Keep up the good work folks…still the best site for informed debate….the truth will out.
On the badge stuff…i did notice that the RIFC website don’t have no stars above the scrolled letters..Is this new ??

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