The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan


Is it not funny how the current SKY deal ends …

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Is it not funny how the current SKY deal ends this season and the new deal starts for season 2013-14. Just by sheer coincidence, a proposal for SPL2 with Sevco included, just happens to be scheduled for 2013-14.

Now if I was a suspicious person, I would think that this was more than coincidental.

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The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
miki67 says:
August 23, 2012 at 19:21
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Corruption seems to be the base-line for everthing in the world right now. Sad.

Corruption is the norm. Honesty is unique.

The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
Let us see if the SPL and Doncaster continue with their stance as in Jan 2011, when they informed us that only two leagues of 10 was financially viable.

SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster also spoke of the economic argument against a 16 or 18-team top division, saying it would “involve the decimation of finances in Scottish football”.
“The cake gets much smaller and is cut into more slices,” he explained.
“There would be fewer games and there is no doubt, from a TV point of view, there would be less money coming into the game.”

And SPL chairman Ralph Topping said clubs believe that a 16 or 18-team league is not financially viable.
A working party has proposed two divisions of 10 and a vote is expected at the next gathering on 17 January. “If you look at Scottish football, a 16-team league wouldn’t work economically and it would have a knock-on effect in terms of the quality of players you can attract.

Aberdeen chairman Stewart Milne said that no alternative to a 10-team top flight had been put forward at the meeting.
“Each of the options has been fully evaluated and the one that delivers way above any of the others is a 10-team league,” he said
“And I’m fairly confident that’s where we will end up.
“I don’t think there is any other option. It delivers on a financial front, it delivers on a football front.”
“We know there is a big selling job to be done with the media and the fans,” added Milne.
“But, if we don’t bring money in, where is Scottish football going? We have no money to invest in youth, we can’t afford to bring in highly paid players.”

The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
I am glad Regan told one of the best read newspapers in Scotland, The Daily Mail to let us know the next step in this giant con. Transparency my buttocks

IMO Sevco have been informed that they will be in the SPL 2 at the very worst next season. Do we really think that Sevco supporters bought ST’s in their numbers because of the signings Sevco have made, almost certainly not. They would have bought them in any event so long as Green and Ally played the punished enough card. These players have been signed to ensure that they win Div3 as that would enable them to be placed in SPL2.

Why else would Goian go on loan for a year, because Ally wants him back for SPL2 and they cannot afford to keep paying him his current salary.

Black has stated that Ally told him he will be back in the top flight in a year, I am sure he did not mean that he could be sold to a SPL club. No he knows the con.

It would not surprise me in the least that this was part of the 2 weeks of negotiations with the SFA, where it is clear that it was not the SFA setting the conditions, it was Green telling the SFA what conditions they wanted in order for them to join.

In July Doncaster said this about a 16 team league:

Neil Doncaster remains wary of 16-team SPL

Chief executive Neil Doncaster insists Scottish Premier League clubs remain committed to reconstruction.
However, he repeated doubts over the commercial viability of a 16-team top flight.
“There is no question that with a 16-team league there are real issues,” Doncaster told BBC Scotland.
“It’s only 15 home fixtures rather than the 19 at present. And with once home, once away there are questions over the broadcasting value.”
The prospect of an expanded SPL emerged in a package of reforms put to Scottish Football League clubs just two days before their vote on Rangers.
Streamlined governance, a fairer distribution of revenue and play-offs for access to the SPL were also proposed in a bid to sweeten a deal that would see the new Ibrox club granted entry to Division One.
Continue reading the main story

Neil Doncaster
But SFL clubs chose to admit Rangers to Division Three.
“It’s absolutely still on the table,” replied Doncaster when asked about the future of league reconstruction negotiations.
“Our clubs are keen to stress that they remain committed to looking at the art of the possible and making the game as strong as it can be.
“When we talked last week about league expansion we were not specific about the size of the league.
“Let’s take a breath, deal with the short term issues facing us and then we can sit down with the other governing bodies and look at what we should be doing for the longer term.”

So what if anything has changed, Oh yes Sevco being refused entry to Div1, so now a likely 16 team league is acceptable.

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John Clark 21st September 2015 at 6:56 pm

A Scottish judge in a Scottish Court, finding against a Scottish institution. Not going to happen.

SFM – The Next Steps
Anyone in London tomorrow?

HereWeGoFor5InARow ‏@BhoyEddie2 48m48 minutes ago
“@pnot888: Very interesting at Chancery Court,London tomorrow Sports Direct v RIFC

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parttimearab says:
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May 19, 2015 at 10:06 pm
neepheid says:
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May 19, 2015 at 4:44 pm
Scottish FA statement / Mr Dave King
Tuesday, 19 May

“In considering the request, the Board of the Scottish FA has sought and received specialist independent legal advice, both in Scotland and South Africa”

Was it LNS they asked for legal advice?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Just noticed this on
Do not know how true it is or posters reliability.

Self certified yet in contradiction to Article 10.2 (j) of the SFA articles? We have a meeting on Friday to confirm that we are one of 3 clubs who will submit a complaint to the SFA. The grounds of the complaint are based upon his directorship of the BoD of RFC from 2007 onwards when that Club used tax evasion measures which brought Scottish football into serious disrepute and ultimately led to the liquidiation of a very prominent member of the SFA. As a Director, he would be party to and complicit in the tax evasion. He did not take any actions to stop or inform authorities of the act.

Raith and Alloa will make the complaint formally next week. Our biggies tell us that more will be co-signatories. It was funny……a rabid Rangers bigot predicted it would be Celtic, Dundee united & Hibs the three instigators! More his sad way of thinking than reality!!!

Spot the difference?
just seen this on twitter. If true does that mean they still have to pay the two hotels some money?

Andy Newport @AndyNewportPA · 20h 20 hours ago
Understand that the custom and practice of City law means that meetings at Millennium Gloucester and Grange Tower Bridge hotels will…

.still have to be called. They will immediately by adjourned. The custom of it means there has to be time to physically travel from…

…one venue to the other before the next meeting can be opened, which is why the MG meeting was 10am and GTB was at noon. Also why…
..March 4 might be viewed as too soon for the Ibrox date

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