The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan


Nowoldandgrumpy says: August 23, 2012 at 18:57 Is it not funny how …

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nowoldandgrumpy says:

August 23, 2012 at 18:57

Is it not funny how the current SKY deal ends this season and the new deal starts for season 2013-14. Just by sheer coincidence, a proposal for SPL2 with Sevco included, just happens to be scheduled for 2013-14.

Now if I was a suspicious person, I would think that this was more than coincidental.

You would be right to be suspicious nowoldandgrumpy. There is no such thing as coincidence, not in business. This is all part of the plan.

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The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
I think campsiejoe and others have pretty much nailed it in their recent postings. This has all been a massive stitch up.

I can only marvel at the brilliance of the Sevco/Rangers plan and how it is working almost completely as they envisaged with only one setback, that being not allowed entry to the SPL. That is because of the only thing not in the control of the forces of evil and darkness, which was the fans of the other clubs.

Everything else in this long game has gone exactly to plan.

I for one don’t believe anything in this process has been accidental or just “happened”. The mission is, and always has been, how do we ensure “rangers” drop $140 million in debt but continue on as if nothing else was different? While ensuring distance from the wrongdoing of those directly responsible.

David Murray kicked off this process, and Craig Whyte was his chosen front man and fall guy. Just as Charles Green is now the front man. Ticketus have been involved for a long time too.

The SFA have always been on board. Campbell Ogilvie being put in place was a critical part of the plan as it ensured SFA compliance, particularly if Stewart Regan decided to go rouge and not play. And for all those claims that CO has excused himself from all “rangers” related business, what poppycock! For one thing SR reports to CO and his annual review and benefits are directly in CO’s hands. Like any organization, the SFA takes it’s direction from the top and CO IS the top!

The SPL, with the amateur and easily led ND has been a breeze for “rangers” to manipluate. They even seem to have the other club chairmen in their thrall.

They have their placemen in the SFL too, which turned out to be handy in the end.

D&P are utterly the creatures of “rangers” and CW & before him SDM.

The media, with a few honorable exceptions, have totally been in their pocket, so much so that in my opinion it goes way beyond succulent lamb. I wonder where some of the missing EBT money went?

Political influence has seen delay on several fronts to things which would have killed the sevco plan. Where is this mythical FTT ruling? Why the delay in Lord Hodge’s ruling on D&P’s conflict of interest.

The biggest scam in Scottish and perhaps British sport is now being openly rubbed in to our faces and they are getting away with it.

Scottish footbal is dead, and Scottish civil society is not far behind it. I could weep, but I am beyond weeping now, it’s too late.

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Make our Mind Up Time
smallteaser says:

I think your thoughts are misplaced here.
Any charge on Turnbull Hutton would be behind closed doors, both the trubunal and all evidence and rebuttal would never see the light of day, only the verdict would be published.
Therefore complete waste of time, there would be no defence required by the SFA or the SPL.
The last tribunal of Rangers & Craig Whyte had a specific remit, never published, it went to a tribunal, who never saw any of the evidence, cover up after cover up for the last 8 months.

Hmmm. Good point st, which I didn’t think of. And difficult to complain about, as that confidentiality, particularly for the panel identity, was supposed to be a key element of the process.
It begs the question of course, what if he was charged and found not gulity?
All a moot-point now as it seems unlikely that he will be charged. For his sake I’m glad, as I have had some personal contact with him and he’s a fine gentleman. It saddens me that spivs such as Charles Green can have such influence in the game, rather than people like Mr Hutton.

Make our Mind Up Time
Three things:
Firstly, I’d like to thank TSFM and the administrators of this site for their efforts to get this forum up and running and in keeping it going. This involves a substantial input of personal time on their part, and I would like them to know that I appreciate it. This site is vital if we are ever to stand any hope of reforming the mess that is Scottish Football. If we had a fully functioning independant media of course we wouldn’t be here, but here we very much are, until no longer needed.

Secondly, to those who don’t like the rules and conditions imposed to be a contributor to this site, I would suggest you find somewhere else to post where the rules suit you. No one is forced to take part and the moderators have every right to apply such conditions as they see fit. It’s their effort that makes the site possible in the first place. So either live by the rules or apply your right to personal freedom or choice and go elsewhere. Perhaps start your own blog? Let’s all remember as well that this is a relatively new site, and as such is still finding its way and there are bound to be teething problems till the right balance is found.

Thirdly:When Turnbull Hutton made his comments on the steps of Hampden, i fervently hoped he’d be charged by the SFA. Why? Not because I believe he was actually guilty, but because he spoke the truth. Because the lickspittles in the SFA would have been forced to defend their actions in the Rangers debacle in a judicial environment. In effect they and the SPL would have been on trial and not the redoubtable Mr Hutton. The fact they didn’t charge him speaks volumes. He would have torn them to shreds.

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
Apologies for clogging up the board. I just want to test my posting since signing up to WordPress. i’ve had to select the name Blindsummit63 as blindsummit was already taken on WordPress.

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
The suggestion that Celtic (or any other club) should be responsible for scrutinizing the accounts of Rangers (or any other club) is one of the most risible and infantile pieces of flimflammery yet from Jabba.

And I say that as a Hibs fan, with no love lost in the past for Celtic. Since Rangers’ nefarious deeds have become exposed though, I have warmed much more to Celtic and their fans represented on here and RTC previously. I once saw Celtic as just the other side of the coin from Rangers, but I was wrong and am happy to admit it. They have carried out their business honestly and within the rules unlike Rangers (and now their tribute club successors Sevco).

I have followed with great interest the debate amongs the esteemed contributors of this site of a Celtic persuasion, about whether their club should be speaking out on Sevco, or whether their silence is a correct.

My opinion is that they are almost certainly correct to hold their counsel. It’s not their job, as just one of many clubs, to lead the others in a moral charge against Sevco. Equally, it would be unfair to single Celtic out for blame for Sevco’s continued survival and the corruption in the SFA and SPL that enables it. I believe that all SPL clubs share that ignominy, my own included. they ALL are silently supporting what’s going on.

So, quite frankly it’s not Celtic’s job to “lead” Scottish football and they would be damned by many if they did try. We are all supposed to be “equals”. (except Sevco obviously, who are not bound by the same rules as us mere mortals).

But where I think Celtic should be speaking out is when they have been specifically wronged or targetted by Sevco. For me this includes one specific example.

1. If Celtic have not yet been paid footballing debts owed to them by Sevco/old Rangers then I believe they should make that public as Dundee united have.

i’d love to know the truth there.

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
john clarke says:

Yes, Eb, it used to irritate the hell out of me ( like ‘dove’ as in ‘he dove in the water’) until I discovered that those versions of the past participle were fairly standard usage in the English spoken by the Pilgrim Fathers, and taken to America, and fossilised.( We still have words such as ‘forgotten’ and ‘begotten’).

Much more irritating is that rising inflection at the end of a sentence that turns a simple statement into a question?

I’m not sure whether that’s of Australian origin, but I detest it, and would not allow even my servants to use it!
Apologies for going OT, but Bill Bryson’s Made In America is an entertaining read on the development (or not indeed) of the English language in America. It surprised me to learn that in many ways English in America more closely reflects the old English of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries than UK speech.

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