The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan


Timtim @ 22:50 I forget about that little technicality …

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timtim @ 22:50

I forget about that little technicality

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The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
Insomniac @ 18:16

I’ll have a dig around for the timing etc, but it was one of those “whit” moments

The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
The Diatribe

Part Two

The desired outcome – Liquidation – had been achieved, and all that remained now was to allow the vultures to pick the carcass clean

Bubbling away in the background was the FTT and the dual contract investigation
Stooges Inc could do nothing about the FTT, but they controlled the DC investigation
The aim was to delay this as long as possible to allow whatever followed RFC(IA) to gain a foothold in Scottish football, and this in my opinion is what they did

In the meantime, the SFL clubs scuppered the carefully laid plans of the authorities, by voting Sevco into Division 3
The problem now was membership of the SFA, but as with everything in this fiasco, this was not a problem when rules could be bent, dispensed with and broken at will

Stooges Inc were keen to give the impression that there were some very serious negotiations going on
I doubt this was the case, and prior to that infamous Friday night statement, pretty well all of the terms and conditions had been agreed, including Sevco’s future

Sevco have been promised league reconstruction to facilitate their return to the top flight within 2 seasons
Statements from their Chairman and some of their staff cannot you lead to any other conclusion

The transfer embargo is cosmetic, designed to show apparent toughness, whilst at the same time allowing Sevco to win the 3rd Division, and complete the first half of the revamped league next season, before recruiting to launch their final assault on promotion to the SPL or whatever it is by then

This has been a massive stitch up, with one aim only:-
To make sure that Sevco will be RFC, with absolutely no difference between the two entities, and that includes the infamous history
The only part of the history that will be ignored and never mentioned will be £135 million of debt left behind

We all know what the agenda is, and another round of the fight is about to begin, and we need to be ready

The Continuing Voyage of Scottish Football – and the Wrath of Khan
A diatribe in two parts
A lot of it is going over old ground, but I’m trying to tie everything together, so if it bores any of you, I apologise
There is also some speculation involved !

Part One

It would appear that the pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place with the developments of the last few days
There has been a plan in place since well before 14th February, to bring us to where we are now
I thought it strange, that in the DoubleDs first press conference on the evening of the 14th, they were fairly sure that there would be a CVA by the end of March, that Liquidation wasn’t likely and in fact the business was in trouble at the time of the takeover by the MBB

As we have since learned via Mark Daly’s 2nd programme, the Double Ds had been in place well before this and had been briefed by the MBB on what his requirements were

We also learned in Daly’s first programme, from Alistair Johnston, that there had been a motion before the board, that was defeated by one vote, to put RFC into administration
I can’t remember the time frame for this, but in my opinion it lends credence to the story that the MBB was handpicked for the job

Having gotten their feet under the desk, I believe it was at this point the Stooges Inc appeared on the scene
They soon learned that Liquidation was the likely outcome, and as they could not countenance the loss of RFC(IA) during the season, with all of the knock on effects that would bring, started to hatch a scheme with the Double Ds, and I’m sure with Green involved also
The plan involved the Double Ds keeping RFC(IA) afloat until the end of the season, and in exchange whatever replaced RFC(IA) would be granted entry straight into the top flight, with minimal sanctions

That could explain why there were no redundancies, just voluntary wage cuts, and why Donkey embarked on his charm offensive with bizarre statements and schemes about a hypothetical (at that time) liquidation situation
Unfortunately Donkey’s scheme fell apart when the clubs said they would decide what happened in event of Liquidation, not the SPL board

In parallel, the Double Ds carried on with what was rapidly becoming a joke of an Administration, pulling bidders out of the hat, and then binning them a few days letter, whilst at the same time running up a £4 million loss keeping the corpse alive

During all of this, I am convinced that the SFA/SPL/SFL were in discussions with the Double Ds and Green on all of the various scenarios, and that is why when the time eventually came, they were prepared for the SFL 1 alternative complete with threats and lies

In the midst of all of this we had RFC(IA) going to court to overturn a transfer embargo, which resulted in the Judge telling the panel to impose an authorised sanction Interesting to note, that to date that panel has not reconvened

Meanwhile back on track, the CVA that had supposedly been nodded through by HMRC, was in actual fact rejected by HMRC

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Peace – Not War
PORTBHOYNOVEMBER 25, 2016 at 15:02
The man is a fantasist
He can’t fund the current operation, but is talking about a massive stadium refurb
When will they waken up

The Offline Game
First of all congratulations to Hibs and all of their supporters
They won the game on merit, fairly and squarely
The pitch invasion however cannot be condoned or glossed over, and both sets of fans are equally culpable

The TRFC statement is a deliberate attempt, in my opinion, to place the blame entirely on the Hibs supporters, and video evidence, emerging via YouTube, appears to show that both sides carry responsibility for the post match scenes

Neither can the SFA escape criticism for what happened
This was their game, organised under their banner, and they to have a degree of responsibility for what happened

I await with interest the outcome of the various inevitable enquiries

The Offline Game

This is my final word on this subject
Can you show definitively where Rangers, who were already members of the SPL,  applied for membership of the SPL and subsequently the SFL

The fact that journalists refer to Rangers in their articles does not mean that was the reality, and was all part of the continuity myth

The only organisation that applied for membership of both the SPL & SFL was Sevco Scotland, who subsequently changed its name to TRFC
That is an indisputable fact ,as you well know, but you carny on with your denial

I won’t be posting on this subject again

The Offline Game
MAY 13, 2016 at 16:56

Tommy there is no need for interpretation
Sevco Scotland were granted membership of the SFL despite meeting absolutely none of the criteria required for membership
No need for splitting hairs, as facts, however unpalatable some find them, are facts
I intend to drop this now, as it is detracting from the main thrust, which is the TOG report and Res12

The Offline Game
MAY 13, 2016 at 16:31

Lawman says Rangers were voted into the 3rd Division which is completely untrue, otherwise you are 100% correct

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