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The only hope rests with the club and for reasons …

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The only hope rests with the club and for reasons of practicality, fear and self interest,that is a very slim hope indeed. The authorities are hopelessly compromised, and are in reality parties to corruption and cheating. The clubs need to take action to save the game; the fear obviously ids that such action itself may well trigger a further crisis which further damages the game.

The clubs should call an egm of the SFA and demand to see the five way agreement and have lawyers check its validity and legitimacy. If, as i think it is, it is a completely ultra vires document where the rules have been breached to allow SEVCO to enter and rename themselves Rangers despite the rule not allowing a share transfer to another legal entity and the second rule demanding three years of new accounts for new entrants not being met, and the failure to allow a proper entry procedure as per the rules for a new club to enter not being met, then all involved should be fired – and sued for damages personally by the clubs for their reckless and incompetent actions.

At that point a decision would then have to be made about accepting the fait accompli re the Rangers given that it is tied up to the structural integrity of both the league and the TV deal- or rejecting the agreement and re-imposing the rules and asking the new club to stop playing as they are there illegally . One could, of course, expect huge damages claims if that comes to pass from CG and his cohorts – but also huge consequences if they are allowed to stay in breach of the rules. The game will either be forever illegitimate by accepting this agreement or bankrupted by the legal actions which both SKY and the Rangers will take against them should they annul it.

It’s a total mess.

It may well be that the fear of opening this particular can of worms is what keeps them all in place. Some of the clubs may well want to gain justice – but may know that the process of getting there will leave the game bankrupted finacially by the officials who signed this deal; they are of course already bankrupted morally by the very agreement which is in place at present.

The game’s very existence is now incredibly fragile. It is built solely upon a conspiracy to keep the five way agreement document hidden and away from any scrutiny by lawyers or others well versed in the articles of association.

Turnbull Hutton called them “corrrupt” and has never been brought to task for it. They are all truly, deeply and irrevocably corrupt, and are manifestly unfit to hold office in any organisation which requires any standards of probity.

Their actions have destroyed the game totally as a sport. They may or may not be criminal – though I think they ought to be – but they are unquestionably reckless , and almost certainly against the rules of the game of which they are the guardians.

Contempt for all involved should be total and endless. None of those involved in signing that agreement are human beings of any honesty or integrity or courage: all are pathetic, disgusting, revolting individuals without a shred of human decency.

We know that – and they know that!

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The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
Everyone has the absolute right to make their own choices.

I have not attended a game this session and given up my subscription to SKY. That is my choice. My team has had a remarkably successful European campaign which I have refused to support and will continue so to do.

This does come at a degree of emotional cost and disagreement with many in my family. Has it made a difference? Probably not. It may well be self seeking or self serving – my brothers and my dad – I imagine, think so – but for me personally I can’t support the game in any way – hence no tops and merchandising for my kids – no buying any newspapers.

Season ticket sales at Celtic Park are down substantially – hidden by the European success. . I suspect that if this situation with The Rangers continues as it does and we see the LNS enquiry subverted – then regardless of how successful Neil and the team continue to be, we can see another significant drop off next season.

Some think Celtic have played a blinder on all of this – they have actually taken a craven path of least resistance at all times and by not stating anything of consequence, they have, by omission, been complicit in all of this. They are indeed only one club, but I suspect that had they been more forceful over this then others would have followed and we would not be in the moral miasma we are in today. There were clear unambiguous rules to deal with clubs which failed – these were deliberately not followed causing catastrophic – I suspect fatal – damage to the game.

I suspect the true reason for non publication of the 5 way agreement is that it will reveal that the SFA/SFL and SPL acted beyond their powers and the whole licence trandsfer was actually ultra vires and thus illegitimate. CG knows this – and he knows that if it is ever revealed then together with The Rangers down go the three governing bodies themselves. He has cleverly tied them all in his own web.

The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
Many on here assume that the SFA is some kind of governance body for Scottish football with a rule book to adhere to and to uphold. It’s not!

Once you have understood that then it all makes sense. It is not about football or rules or the future of the game . it’s solely about the protection of vested interests.

Have no truck with it i say!

The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
There is nothing to be done except walk away.

All fans of all clubs need to state that the entire enterprise is corrupt and rigged and disgusting and that we live in a state without a press which is prepared to print the truth and which acquiesces in propaganda. The teams we purport to support are all party to this.

There is no law which forces us to watch football.This is how football is in this country and how it has always been – the present situation has merely brought the naked corruption at the root of the game into the open.

The clubs won’t change it unless their fans force them to; the SFA won’t change ever. All that can be done is to walk away – each of us individually cancel all connection with our clubs and leave. They will all then fold or be forced into effecting dramatic change before they fold – and create a fair and just and open system of governance. While the fans turn up, watch on TV , subscribe to SKY and buy papers this systematic fraud will continue.

Walking away is all that can be done.

As you do so write to your club explaining your decision. If enough individuals do this then the clubs , despite themselves, will have to force change upon the SFA. There is no point in even communicating directly with the SFA its sole purpose is the continuation of the Rangers, its sole raison d’etre over many years has been the illegal protection of Rangers, hence the issuing of UEFA licences in two successive years when the SFA knew they did not qualify, the entire refereeing structure where appointmeny and evaluation are in the hands of dishonest place men to ensure their success.

The clubs can enforce change – but only if forced to do so by the fans. there should not be a single day boycott but an indefinite non participation by fans.

Any fan who continues to pay money to support their team, or buys a daily newspaper, or subscribes to either SKY or ESPN is directly supporting The Rangers – and no amount of excusing or justifying can change that.

A person by person, fan by fan abandonment of the game is what is required here.

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
I am with Bopster. The fans should simply walk away, and understand the entire enterprise of Scottish Professional Football is fraudulent.
The passion of fans is used by cynical owners as though it belonged to them and not to the fans themselves. All fans need simply to become ex-fans. I became one in 2012, and have not been back.
Show the businesses that you are ethical customers not simply assets of the cub and do do walking away.
Only then can a clean game emerge. If fans say this is a fraud and walk away, then, and only then will the clubs respond. Then and only then will action be taken..

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
I think the next step is now down to Lawwell and Celtic. They should instigate a judicial review and hand over the whole shebang of cheating evidence to UEFA. If they fail to do this, then may I suggest too the Celtic supporters who did not act as me to give Celtic an empty stadium with thousands protesting outside as the flag of shame is unfurled. The fans should then either walk away or enter once the flag ceremony is complete.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Perhaps the most effective and immediate course of action is for all fans of Scottish football to cancel all subscriptions with SKY and BT Sports. If even say five or ten thousand cancellations with reason given that their companies are supporters of fraud rather than football were received that may create some difficult discussions for SPFL board.
I would boycott games, but my boycott of all Scottish football has been ongoing since 2012. I think my choice has been vindicated by the inevitable subsequent squalor that Scottish Football has descended into.
My main regret is that the vast majority of my fellow supporters including every other member of my family, did not follow suit. Had the boycott been sustained in 2012 by the fans, then this disgrace would never have come to pass.

Peace – Not War
We owe a lot to Phil. His is still the only book to be published on the demise of Rangers. He is still the only regular blogger left who has the courage not to hide behind anonymity, and while he is sometimes a bit off, or a bit hyperbolic in his style, he does still produce scoops that no other named individual is prepared to publish.
There was, on this site, considerable “sniffiness” or “lack of sniffability” about Phil’s fiddling on the roof exclusive. The missive from the Scottish Government shows that, at the very least, the issue is real, is live and is being monitored.
Shamefully, this admission is once again being ignored by the SMSM- in its entirety. Were this any other club, we can imagine the hysteria, and righteous indignation and possibly hyperbolic response that our tabloid press, and tabloid TV and radio would make of such a revelation. I suspect continued silence from the relevant council and club would be condemned utterly and there would be a wholly justified demand that all relevant documentation, from surveyors, to contracts, to proposals for remedial work, to guarantees of public safety to be placed in the public domain, immediately as a matter of urgency, but with the Ibrox outfit, even with something as potentially serious as this situation with a potentially unsafe roof, we get nada.
We truly are appallingly misserved by the culture of antijournalism amongst journalists in Scotland. They are failing in their basic function in a democratic society. The fourth estate is, to all intents and purposes, now only extant at all in Scotland, online.

Journey’s End?
I just realised that with a loss to Hibs, Rangers have now lost more games in the lower league this season, than Celtic have in the league above. Yet Warburton is lauded as a genius and Deila has been sacked. Trump gives the impression that the system is rigged against him, yet his actual vote percentage is far less than his percentage if delegates, in reality the system is rigged in his favour.
In this world, perception now defeats reality. Hence, I think, the reason for the drop off I SFM and support. There is a feeling of despondency and defeat based upon the perception that cheats have prevailed. The reality is of course somewhat different. The SFA still face a day in court over the fit and proper persons test, LNS is not the final word, and once all appeals are over legally, it will be revisited, and as Phil remind us Rangers are a loss making business, held in existence by personal finances with no line of credit from the bank, in other words a fundamentally unstable institution.
We appear to be defeated, but it may in fact still be November 1940, with a long road ahead to victory.
Or we may, in fact, be totally screwed.

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