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Regarding Charles Green’s latest contradictory statement, where he counters the …

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Regarding Charles Green’s latest contradictory statement, where he counters the assertion that certain spl clubs will be starved of Ibrox cash by gallantly suggesting DU “give us all the tickets”, he may be shifting ground towards accepting an official allocation, now that the share sale show-boating season is ended.

As for iceman63’s suggestion that clubs call an emergency general meeting, which I TU’d, in my opinion too many clubs/club officials have a vested interest in a resurgence of a Govan side that they are prepared to take a risk on Green’s strategy…..which may also spell disaster for the newest side in the league. But, and this is why there is no official outcry, many smaller teams presently are making, for them, small fortunes, while others hope for a favourable cup draw.

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The Dismal Art of Whataboutery

Dundee United confirm prices for the ‘boycott’ match v Green’s team, and usurp the official position of the Ibrox club by announcing ticket sales to away fans.

“opposition fans are always welcome at Tannadice”

In full:

21 December 2012
Following advice from the Scottish FA and discussions with Rangers, ticket prices for the 5th Round Scottish Cup tie on 2 February have been set at £15 Adults and £5 Concessions. A section of the stadium will be reserved for those Rangers fans who wish to attend.

As a point of principle, in the exceptional circumstances whereby we had been instructed not to sell any tickets for this match to away fans, Dundee United had requested the Scottish FA to allow the Club to waive certain conditions of the Rules of the Scottish Cup, under the powers available to them. Although the matter has been considered in some depth by the Scottish FA and their legal advisors, we have now been informed that they are unable to intervene in this matter. In the best interests of the competition, Dundee United will adhere fully to this advice.

Subsequently, reduced admission prices have been agreed in a constructive dialogue with Rangers.

Dundee United Director Derek Robertson said, “While we remain disappointed with the position of Rangers in respect of not taking any tickets for this match, we will not make any statements which may inflame the situation, particularly to avoid encouraging any hostility between our two sets of supporters. Now that ticket prices have been agreed, we hope that everyone can now focus on what matters most; a game of football. For the good of Scottish football and, indeed, the Scottish Cup, we would urge all parties to move on and look forward to the prospect of a terrific Scottish Cup tie in February.

Although Rangers do not wish to take a ticket allocation for this match, opposition fans are always welcome at Tannadice and we will be happy to reserve an appropriate section of the stadium for any Rangers fans who wish to attend this fixture.”

An announcement on the arrangements for ticket sales will follow in due course.

The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
Here’s another ‘whataboutery’?

Mr Kenny Shiels gets pulled up by the SFA, clearly and rapidly issued with a Notice of Complaint due to his comments in the media that the compliance officer sees as being false (ie ‘lies’).

Mr Charles Green makes many remarks in the media which are clearly fabricated (ie ‘lies’), the same media slants and highlights these comments as fine qualities, and Vincent Lunny gets no work in relation to Green referred to him by his employers.

However, in an interview as he took up his position, Lunny stated “Under the rules an incident can be brought to my attention by any means.”

Could a simple fan like me bring Green’s behaviour to Vincent’s notice, or have his employers made Charles Green an individual who is only answerable to himself?

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Why We Need to Change
Not been on here for a while, but some sterling work being undertaken.

When I’ve nothing to say, I’ll say nothing, but feel I should comment on ‘Biscuits’ Preston and the wee bit of criticism he’s had here.

He was playing a trick, having a joke, when he made out Warburton would have succeeded in the Perth tie. It was his personal parody of fellow commentators, one in particular.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?

theoldcourse says:

April 29, 2015 at 1:00 pm
I was driving past the ancient city of Stirling in the heart of our cradle of independence last night, having had an interesting day at Gleneagles. Anyway, I digress; my young companion turned the radio to a station which I was informed was Clyde 1 and it had a “good football phone-in”. I thought, what the hell, lets see what its like (not very good). They had Mark Burchill on and one caller asked about Livi taking the SFA to court to have the 5 points they were deducted returned to them in light of “the director having won their case”. I must admit I was unaware of any court proceedings involving Livi or any director of the club. Mr Burchill said words to the effect that he was aware of talk on the subject but would concentrate on winning at the weekend. My question to the super sleuths on this forum is this; is there any case in the works that might result in Livi being given a lifeline.

Livingston were deducted five points for defaulting on tax payments in season 2010-11. I think another club too were defaulting on tax payments around about that time, but don’t think the newish SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster has had much to say about that.

This is what Doncaster is quoted as saying regarding Livingston: “The tax default and reporting rules are an integral part of maintaining a fair league competition.”
The caller might have been confused.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?

Allyjambo says:
April 16, 2015 at 6:02 pm
So, regardless of the joke fine, what sanctions have been put in place should Ashley continue to be involved in any way with TRFC outwith the rules of the SFA? Or do the SFA consider that the price has been paid by TRFC to allow Ashley (or anyone else who already owns another club) to be involved in the running of the club?

Livingston will have paid their £5000, but they were also given until 10th April for Neil Rankine to dispose of his share of Livingston and East Fife (which he denies having).
It’s noted that the SFA has not instructed Mike Ashley to dispose of any shareholding in the Ibrox club or Newcastle for that matter.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?

incredibleadamspark says:
April 2, 2015 at 8:19 am
Jim Spence reporting that Dundee Utd have paid out 25% of £6.3 in recent transfer fees to unnamed parties as commission fees. Interesting turn of events and fans groups are asking questions. Do our resident Arabs have any more info about this?

There will be people better positioned than me to comment, but the BBC article is misleading in that 25% of £6.3 million is almost £1.6 million, while the fans’ groups are wondering about a sum under one third of that, a still not unsubstantial half a million pounds.

I assume payments to players, agents or other clubs (such as Queens Park) would explain the other £1 million.

What the affair suggests to me is that, as ever, it is difficult for clubs with limited amounts of fans coming through the gates to compete for success in Scotland, and also that Stephen Thompson, who I understand has not always been held in high esteem by sections of Dundee United’s support, has lost the confidence of the biggest supporters’ groups.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?

easyJambo says:
April 1, 2015 at 11:40 am
Livingston / Neil Rankine ruling published.
£5,000 fine and a registration ban. May be indicative of what sanctions will be placed on Rangers when their case comes up on 16th April.

I wouldn’t take that as a measure, as, and please correct me if I’m wrong, Livingston were deducted five points and fined £10,000 by the SPFL for failure to pay tax on player bonuses during the 2010/11 (Scottish Football League) season. The club themselves volunteered this information to the SPFL, which contrasts with, say, shredding evidence.

The SPFL is, of course, just 21 months old.

While the five points deduction and fine were not SFA sanctions, I’m still trying to discover if the old Ibrox club ever lost any points for failure to pay their debts to the government, before, during and after season 2010/11.

Don’t think they did………….

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