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Did anyone else miss that watershed moment for Scottish football …

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Did anyone else miss that watershed moment for Scottish football back in 2009? Clearly we failed to deal with an incident which has been festering away for 3 years and has now come to an ugly head.

Never mind the lengthy queue of unpaid creditors, including the public purse. It seems that some half price entry tariff for fans of a club that is now awaiting termination, some 3 years ago, is the only show in town

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The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
angus1983 says:
Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 22:00

Angus, many thanks. I had followed RTC for it’s last 12 months, and later TSFM since it’s inception. Your post tonight was the catalyst to sign up as I felt I needed to respond. Your well worded comments brought a wee tear to my eye. As perfect a definition of dignity as you will find. Thanks again

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Sorry to hilack but this is life or death for a wee one
Please please throw a few pound at this

Look Back to Look Forward
So there’s me just off an 8 minute rant to Sky Sports news feedback line after Jeff Stelling informing me and other mugs who subscribe that “Rangers” are on the cusp of a return to the top tier after “relegation 4 years ago”. Who is setting this disingenuous agenda?
The agent I spoke to was from an overseas contact centre, however seemed to be au fait with this particular issue.
I can only desist from continuing with Sky, but she said it will all be fed back – if they have a CRM system then it will of course be fed back.
I work as a customer insight analyst for a big High Street retailer, and no feedback gets covered up. We report it as it is, and the plenopotentiaries need to understand the customer voice.
So if you are paying to listen to blatent lies, then challenge it directly.

Two wrongs and a right
Re the wifi, seen a few old retweets today from the period following the wifi launch, asking fans in different parts of the ground to give feedback about connectivity and performance via a dedicated wifi email address. Now if the club are now claiming that the service was never installed to the required spec, then I would have thought that this would be reflected in the customer feedback gathered. Likewise it could be confirmed that wifi experience on match day met expectations. I think there would be a DPA requirement to retain customer correspondence for 10 years (I may stand corrected)
The tweets I’ve seen, and I accept its a small sample, anecdotally report no issues with the wifi

Why We Need to Change
Enjoyed the Jim Spence discussions today, he will of course be missed from a balance point of view on BBC, a hard act to replace, should they even aspire to do so.

Wee bit OT but it caused me to revisit the Jum Spence parody Twitter account for the first time in ages. Well worth a look if you need a chuckle, you find yourself doing the accent and its proper laughing out loud stuff

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Cheers aj, I don’t recall this being normal convention in the English play offs, though appreciate its a different format. I certainly wouldn’t expect to see bookies offering odds as such. Agree it should be listed for what it actually is

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