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‘The game’s very existence is now incredibly fragile’ My very point …

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‘The game’s very existence is now incredibly fragile’

My very point ICEMAN, but the whistling pass the graveyard continues. My biggest fear is, when we wake up to the fact that the good-ship Scottish Football is sinking it will be to late.

Another point. This scenario with Dundee Utd V Sevco is playing out a certain way. I can see the game being postponed due to the unpredictability of the situation. The police will have no option.
What a pretty pass this has come to and Rome/SFA fiddles (pun intended) while the game goes down the sink. The forty two clubs in the SFA have a lot to answer for.

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The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
allyjambo says:
Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 12:28
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neepheid says:

Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 11:52

I agree with everything you say here, especially about publication of the 5 way agreement. I’d go further, though, and insist they justify everything included in the agreement, explaining why they felt it was in the interest of Scottish football, why they felt it was good for Scottish football, and why they felt it was the right and proper thing to do. They should also explain why this new company/club was given priority ahead of other clubs who fulfilled the SFA’s own criteria despite it’s own failure to do so. Of course, should they at some time in the future publish the agreement, just how much can we believe was in there originally, and just how much has been amended to fit subsequent events?

Here we go again Asking them to justify this rationalise that explain yon.
Do people not realise we are long past that point in the game.
They are laughing at us – can you imagine the chat in the tearooms?
But are they right to snigger. Maybe they realise that, at the end of the day, all we bampots will do is wring our hands and continue our circular conversation until one by one, dispirited,we roll our eyes to heaven and walk away. It looks like this scenario is the likely one. We don’t want to dirty our hands we don’t want to get off our backsides and do something – it would be stooping to their level! I feel we, as the custodians of the game, are letting future generations down by remaining in our comfort zone and bleating on and on about the unfairness of the World, and expecting others to do something about it..

Rant over, this bloody flu…………. . e

The Dismal Art of Whataboutery
OK, I see comment on here suggesting some people are not in favour of the boycott, and fair play to them. While realising one will never get 100% agreement on any initiative, I think it only fair to the contributors on this forum the opportunity to vote yea or nay for the proposed boycott. It is imperative that we get overwhelming support from the forum members before we embark on this particular initiative. If we do not have that level of support I think it only proper to withdraw the initiative and hope that other members have a more effective way of dislodging those corrupt time-servers at Hampden. I doubt it!
Thumbs up/Thumbs down?

The Dismal Art of Whataboutery

Thank you for that, of course it was meant to be teetering.


No this will be, apart from some fine-tuning, the draft that will sent to every decent fan in Scotland. By letter? I have no problem if people wish to do so but I imagine email will be the weapon of choice in most cases.

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