The Existence of Laws


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Monday, May 20, 2013 at 19:57

ianagain on Monday, May 20, 2013 at 19:17
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I posted but is gone missing?

CF said in a tweet Pinsents would NOT report -so far true.

And if they have downed tools, is it because of the CW non co-operation in the run up to another event, as stated?

It said CW “and others” which surely is other board members. so where do they go then?

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The Existence of Laws
Here’s what I sent to Private EYE June 9th.

to strobes

ideas why the Charlotte materials are un- publishable by the UK media?

Do we have an injunction and who raised it?

Charlotte Fakeovers @CharlotteFakes 2m

Gross intimidation and leaks when it suits. (1/2) 1 and 2 3

Charlotte Fakeovers @CharlotteFakes 1m

Gross intimidation (2/2) 3 4 5 6


I take it as they published either no injunction exists or their lawyers okayed it.

The Existence of Laws
John Clarke
Ps. Incidentally, your father’s little volume on Mary Queen of Scots ( published 1933) is, to my mind, a gem.

It is John but what a come down. vv Father to son.

If I was him id get tore right in.

TSFM getting tired of logging in each post

The Existence of Laws
Tech wise chaps and gals something’s wrong.

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