The Existence of Laws

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Chipmonk And Charles was going to take up the slack personaly,5/6million,I …

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And Charles was going to take up the slack personaly,5/6million,I take that is not going to happen in the near future,oh well the fighting fund will need topped up somewhat,get yoouur spearment chewing gum and youuur macaroon bars here and can you put your change in this collection can,thank you.

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The Existence of Laws
OT ,Updating my diary tonight while enjoying a Balvenie Double wood ,well a few ,one of the places I will be visiting in the BVI in the comming months will be St Thomas,was there 2 years ago ,lovely place,I was amazed at the financial companies that where set up there,loads of them ,as coincidence would have it ,the place I will be staying at will be in Charlotte Amalie,but that would be too much of a coincidence,wouldnt it.

The Existence of Laws
And to eat some of the chef’s macaroni,superb.

The Existence of Laws
I am a bit puzzled ,if anyone can help,the team from the east of Glasgow is now advertising a general sale of season books,I asked at the watering hole I slaber in the city center and the barman to my question replied he was quiet satisfied with his money back offer [£100] on renewal of his ticket,he did not elaborate on what he paid but if I go to their site it will not be too hard to work out,I have read the Glasgow Evening times tonight and Mathew Lindsay has an exclusive,his words ,Rangers fans will snap up season tickets for next season in vast numbers-thanks to the Walter Smith factor,now I also think that interim figures if not more are about to be released from the east end club and could help the sale ,sorry general sale ,of season tickets,back to my puzzlement ,are there any trading figures that the club from Govan might be about to release that would help sell season books apart from an interim CEO that is so far out of his depth in the barrel of rotten apples that his hordes know he is a bad apple ,but not rotten,word of warning ,a bad apple does not get better that would justify the purchase of said tickets ,I note a referal to the dog whistler is mentioned ,in a letter to the hordes ,why not the public whistle that he was so happy to put his lips to last term,Hmmm,and Watty please give your
stamp to the sale ,if it goes pear shaped the bears will forgive and forget,trust me.

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Murray Metals was the first of the 2 biggest in the portfolio to go ,£120m for the first and the following year the other went for circa 96m,a few smaller companies where bought up at the time ,the buyer I think was a Mr M Guidi ,I think.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Have any bears questioned why the 120 day time frame wasnt kept ,does anybody connected with them ever ask a pertinent question,what difference would the extension make to what must have been put together before the New Year,even the squirrels have got fed up and f@cked off.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Re Neil Doncaster
The guy is basicly saying to any sponsor ,just give us your dough and dont ask any questions as you will not get any answers,well you will but you wont be able to understand and we need your cash,so just hand it over,our product is on the up after a slight set back but buy in now and reap the benefits,you know you want to.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Calling the season book standoff a trust is got to be comedy gold at its best commuting from this lot

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
I suppose the obvious candidate to press release the shirt would be a certain Mr Black,fitting really,someone putting their shirt on black,oh my sides.

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