The Existence of Laws

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No tickets for sale! Are they expecting an invite that …

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No tickets for sale! Are they expecting an invite that would allow a price uplift?

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The Existence of Laws
Is CF’s continuing tease likely to come to a conclusion, or better still an explosion?

The Existence of Laws
The MSM move into overdrive this morning, heralding the second coming of WS. All in the world of the people who think they are, is once more at peace and they can queue up to buy their ST’s safe in knowledge that Walter and Ally are reunited at the top table.
Someone a little earlier on here, likened them to lemmings, a pretty good analogy, just watch them follow blindly, as hand in hand they walk towards the precipice, led by the trusted two.
I’m reminded of the old expression, “A fool and their money are easily parted”.

The Existence of Laws
With a number of new players arriving and more being lined up at the Third Division champions, are they in danger of exceeding the quota allowed by the SFL?
Is it maybe that they are still expecting to come under the jurisdiction of the SPL, that is influencing their signing policy?
Just asking.

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Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
I’m loathe to express sympathy for MW, but he really looked extremely uncomfortable at today’s q&a. The manager of a top flight club being prevented from answering is bad enough but to be effectively dragged from the room, is embarrassing. Maybe a simple press release prepared by JT, will replace future briefings. That it’s not going to end well is inevitable.The people who think they are, have a lot of thinking to do.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Auldheid, Thanks for your reply, I look forward to the day when everything is out in the open and acknowledged by the club, football authorities and msm.However I’m not holdin my breath.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
A fair summation if a little speculative. Unfortunately, I agree that there is no appetite amongst the  plc board to do anything but sideline and delay Resolution 12. The requisitioners are no doubt well meaning and passionate about this but made the mistake of getting into bed with the plc. That Celtic are complicit in much that is wrong with Scottish football is no secret but the truth is that the only solution is too drastic to contemplate. The majority of us will continue to moan about cheating and corruption in our game, whilst still turning up or tuning in to watch it.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Regardless of the how, why or even who refused to carry the ad for the guardian; the result is more talk about res  12 than even the ad being published would have provoked. We can only hope that the can of worms that has been opened, spreads far and wide. However, CFC must come out and openly support the questions being asked by the requisitioners. Only then will football authorities show more than a passing interest. Celtic have kept this issue at the bottom of the pile for too long and appear to have strung the requisitioners along in the hope that their appetite would diminish. This has not and appears unlikely to happen; it is now time to state their intentions fully. Scottish football needs strong leadership, not lies,deceit and prevarication. 

The Offline Game
Hibs statement appears to be a measured approach. Unlike the sabre rattling attempt to rally the people who think they are. Sevco have their season ticket sales drive in full flow and are happy to have something that deflects from their inept performance on the day. 

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