The Existence of Laws


My initial reaction on listening to the CF tapes was …

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My initial reaction on listening to the CF tapes was that they provided an hour of massive entertainment.
Then came my afterthought which was one of disdain at the utter tackiness of the whole affair and the perceived discredit which can be heaped onto a whole host of individuals and institutions.

In my view the lack of respect,care and concern for the creditors is distasteful beyond belief and I am glad that this gave us insight into the meltdown of an institution etched into the fabric of our society.

It is not healthy,it is not pretty and above all the whole saga is downright tawdry.

Are things any different now? CW said Rangers would never end up in the third division.They did only because they were allowed to.

Surely all those who have tried ,by whatever means to protect this institution must now realise the error of their ways.Probably not,because if integrity and the right course of action had been their mantra they would be different human beings with different values.

And there lies the rub.

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The Existence of Laws
Now if I was a journalist or a News Organisation,I would be extremely keen that my legal department was acting in all haste to get legal clarification in order to report a story which impacts on all aspects of life in Scotland.

This is of course a massive story, so to any News Desks out there.Do come along chaps.Do we need another English based organisation to unfurl the gory flag?

Irony or what?

The Existence of Laws
Jings ,crivvens ,what a stramash!
The situation is now getting very hot indeed.Very,very hot!

The Existence of Laws
Apologies,it seems possible.

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