The Existence of Laws


OT but concerning the charity game between The Rangers …

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OT but concerning the charity game between The Rangers & Man Utd how often does a trustee of a charity actually played – that truly decent Corkonian Denis Irwin!

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The Existence of Laws
The problem with the LHS decision for us mere mortals is that we expect a tribunal (which is not a trial) to be about establishing the truth and we expect a judge with the reputation that LHS had prior to the hearing to recognise horse manure when he hears it from a witness. We now know better! The required result was produced and the ordinary man’s cynicism about how any team from Govan would be treated increased a notch.

The Existence of Laws
I agree it’s not unusual to have a NED in the Chair but it would be normal for them to have at least a modicum of business experience!
No doubt a big one up for the spivs.

The Existence of Laws
If true that Whyte’s brief is being employed on a ‘no foal no fee’ basis – 1) he must feel they have a strong case 2) if there is no pay off they will have to go to court.

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Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
Regarding drinking at football matches I have had the pleasure at Croke Park in Dublin and at the National Stadium in Cardiff – both being very different experiences. In Croke Park it is available on the concourses at the back of both the Hogan & Cusack Stands but is not allowed into the seating areas – in other words drink up before you take your seat. as there are normally two games this works well and you can have a few pints in peace annoying no one. In Cardiff you are allowed bring your drink to your seat and, frankly, its a pain in the butt! You are up and down like a whores nicks letting guys get to their seats through out the game!! If it comes in follow the GAAs method. Of course having an ultra modern stadium helps.

Fair Play at FIFA?
Regarding German biscuits in Belfast I think you will find that the attitudes of at least one part of the city at the time was the same as on the ‘mainland’. To quote the Ballad of William Bloat –

‘For the razor blade was German made
But the rope was Belfast linen!’

If you want the whole ballad just google William Bloat

Fair Play at FIFA?
Don’t know the story of what went on today between the Green Brigade and the polis but wonder who paid the . As the club is normally responsible for policing in the environs of their own ground and this happened some distance away who pays for this jolly for the boys in dark blue?

Gilt-Edged Justice
wottpi beat me to it. Who said McKenzie did not produce the result his clients wanted after a long drawn out process during which time the ‘restless natives’ had time to calm down.
Also echobhoy I understood it was an enquiry and not a trial. Was LNS not allowed to ask questions or if he was was he just very selective in the questions he asked?
Just too many things have gone the right way for one club for it not to smell to high heaven!

Everything Has Changed
Good to see John Clarke posting all the way from Oz. I wonder if it causes Lord Nimmo thinks it was worth it to loose the respect of palpably decent men like John.
Remember this was not a trial – it was an enquiry so if the most senior Judge in Scotland somehow does not know the questions to ask can we be surprised at the reaction to his findings?

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