The Existence of Laws


Fettesgate, Duncan Campbell was behind it, SB got taste …

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Fettesgate, Duncan Campbell was behind it, SB got taste of their own medicine LOL

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The Existence of Laws
Ecobhoy, shooting from memory I’m sure I read an article which stated 5 cases weren’t considered by LNS, this maybe in the msm so perhaps needs a healthy pinch of salt.

You have forced me to d/l the LNS PDF & actually start reading it. 39-46 is quite enlightening an organisation where the senior managers/board seem to work with each other on a need to know basis like MI5 with no questions or discusions in the boardroom. Financial managers taking everything McMillan said without checking for themselves, the stock answer seems to be McMillan said it was awright so there. This is a man who’s credibility was shot to pieces in the FTT.
My conclusion is no questions were asked or discussions recorded because they all knew full well the dodgyness/rule breaching/illegality of it all.

Mullach, again shooting from memory 10 years was considered a default time period for a loan with no specific repayment plan in place, if it wasn’t a sham loan as HMRC conceded in the FTT, I think someone posted this & also thought this was a deliberate ploy to allow them/BDO to ask for the loans to be repayed which if it did happen would enrich the creditors pot & allow BDO to gorge themselves in fees for a few years.

The Existence of Laws
Q. Why were the 5 cases with known side letters not taken into account by the tribunal ?

Tbh I didn’t expect anything less from this process, obvious collusion between SFA & SPL in regards of evidence led by both parties allowing NS to reach the desired outcome & keep his integrity (lol) intact. Bollox to common sense, logic & fair play.

I lost my love of pro football a long time ago, fans are a used as a cash cow by owners who treat them like a necessary inconvenience on all other matters, but I do love a conspiracy which keeps me interested.

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The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
I worked for a company who wnt into admin, mass layoffs, statutory minimum payout, 2 days notice period no 90/30 day notification (for which the administrators paid a paltry £5000 fine) , all contracts subjected to renegotiation (if we still needed you then we attempted to pay something, if we didn’t need you then yer bumped).

So an ideal way to shed the staff & any contracts that are detrimental, it’s a psychological thing especially as its becoming a serial MO for rfc/trfc/arfc & always a risk you don’t actually emerge from admin falling towards the blender.

The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
In regards to shareholders of rifc & creditors of trfc,

Who are the creditors, well we know rifc were owed 16 million in the summer & this has likely increased. Even at best hmrc, utilities etc can only be owed a couple of hundred thousand, what voice does this give them in a CVA/admin event ?

Alienation, what makes anyone assume the rules will be applied to trfc, they’ve managed to ride roughshod over pretty much any laws so far !

Reflections on Goalposts
Ecobhoy, AFAIK its the same COMAH regulations which make tynecastle unattractive to housing developers, MacFarlane & smith have a shedload of ethanol & other flamables stored onsite along with the distillary on the Westfield side of the ground, I think that’s why the new school was built on the grounds of the old highways depot which is slightly further away.

Reflections on Goalposts
Is it credible that BS was behind the 2.5 million shares sold yesterday ? Cashing in his chips before resigning ?

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Eddie Rice
My kids play for Spartans they run about 20 teams from 5 upwards, my cup of tea on a Sunday costs 1.25
How many fans come from the local area that support hearts,hibs, rangers, Celtic etc so I’m not sure what your point was on the amount of local fans attend the senior team games.
The shiney new stadium came as a result of the old ground being shiney new flats now. I realise on this forum Spartans get mentioned a lot as losing out on a potential league place but there are a few more clubs who could easily have taken a slot. Gala, forres etc
I do agree that Scottish football isn’t big or strong enough to lose 40000 fans so allowing rangers to start In div 3 was a sensible decision it was the way the SFA handled the whole sordid affair that sticks in most peoples craw.
TBH I fell out of love with footie a long time ago, but I do love a conspiracy which keeps me reading this forum

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