The Existence of Laws


Legal Stuff and MSM excuses useless. Recommend we keep options …

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Legal Stuff and MSM excuses useless. Recommend we keep options on our own guidelines on comments. Such as – I may wish to tape a conversation as record for my own use – but I certainly wouldn`t wish to record a conversation if it could potentially incriminate me. Other conversations occurred.

Everyone’s naturally curious and all info welcome – but checks and balances normally advised.

However, as my faith in the Authorities and the integrity of the Law is diminished and diminishing by the day – I regretfully now fall into the camp of all potentially guilty until proved innocent – and I doubt much innocence possible.

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The Existence of Laws
Nonsensical SFA statement – MSM now spinning
How are the SFA considering how they might `investigate` a liscense breach?
– Have Green and Whyte in for a wee chat with CO?

The Existence of Laws
Some quite extraordinary aspects coming to light. Whilst one can understand reports would not wish to undermine on-going court cases – one is less inclined to understand why some aspects should be subject to confidentially at all.

Creditors including taxpayers are now being related accounts [the provenance is uncertain] that differ from accounts or missing from accounts from sources that are given provenance – so much so that investigations have required to report that such sources are considered to have done nothing untoward.

In summary – there are two differing versions developed or developing that contradict or could contradict. So there is now an extraordinary position.
Additionally the potential originator sources for information on any versions of events are identical.

Therefore one must assume that Court Appointed Officers, Independent investigations, The Crown Office / Police have had limited access to all material and cannot report / act – or – that they have had access to all relevant materials and they can`t act / report – for some reason [and after a year].

But a twitter account can cause `legal difficulties` immediately – Quite Extraordinary

The Existence of Laws
Ain`t forgetting HMRC pics

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A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Looks like Rangers Oblivion is now assured. With luck CFC will disappear too, but it will take a couple of couple years, hopefully less, but good riddance to the endless mindless aggravations. Everyone will move positively on with their lives without this antiquated OF societal stain of negating / dividing communities.

Our Grandkids shouldn`t be burdened with all the past nonsense – make it happen Folks – Please!

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
`Rangers refuse to answer new questions about retail revenues`
MILLIONS been and being ripped from working folk
That`s how it is

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
MA buys or controls Brands – it’s his business
He allegedly wanted and maybe gains the IP – or he doesn’t
Important perhaps to keep things going or, a new start up
In whoevers hands I don`t know – but a pretty penny will be asked by whoever has IP “ownership”
We`ll see

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Extraordinary scenes and subliminal DR by line headlines today IMO reprehensible
Anyone believing one individual was responsible for everything is misguided IMO
Frayed nerves after a 3 year nightmare is human and understandable
But consider
The Law will take its time
It has to, it simply just has to, get to the bottom of this scandal (s!)

Anything else will leave long term scars

I believe the Law will sort this out properly in time as nothing else will suffice

If all Bears (+ Bearettes!! 😉 – Blimey) can keep the heid in the face of SMSM PR drivel
This could work long term in Bears favour
Needs a bit of patience and forbearance after last 3 years & I`ll admit this a big ask of anyone
It has to be done tho
It`ll work as patience rewarded

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Financial mumbo jumbo – & expensive!! mumbo jumbo – opaque nonsense to deceive folk
Overkill by parasites to confuse normal people

Looks like more buying time
Would be beneficial (IMO) if ALL the Authorities cleared up ALL this nonsense once and for all
Better for everyone

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