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Yes, but then you’ll have insulted me. My original post …

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Yes, but then you’ll have insulted me.

My original post wasn’t a contention, it was question, to correct your earlier post.

Rather than bogging the rest of the forum down in this, may I suggest we carry it on if you wish via private message (I haven’t tried to do that previously on this forum so if you know how to then I welcome your conversation). Otherwise, I welcome correction to my posts and I’m happy to take the points of posters who can lead me to a more enlightened viewpoint, but I don’t care to be insulted on a frequent basis despite being nothing but courteous.

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The Immortality Project
Zilch, there were two protests during the game yesterday, a number of banners on display and chants of “sack the board” took place several times. I think there’s a lot of awareness that all is not well.

The Immortality Project
I’d differ with you on that one Mrs Peacock because the Co-op aren’t really “too big to fail”. I doubt they’d get significant state support. And the (completely useless) rating agencies support that viewpoint.

The Immortality Project
There’s been so much speculation here. I’d just absolutely love to see these mythical accounts. And a complete list of shareholders. And until then, I’ll be entirely sceptical of what’s going on at Ibrox. I’d be going too far to say I enjoy all the speculation here about what’s happening financially at Rangers, but it is certainly worthwhile to read all the theories here, especially given that many of them come from a Celtic background; worst case scenarios are good things to know. They help to keep one informed. Keep it up and then if the accounts finally come out we can have a right good analysis of them.

Incidentally, with regards to the Celtic Co-op bank thing, my two cents – its quite clear that Celtic have an unused overdraft facility with the Co-op and nothing more, what may be known to the bank as an undrawn commitment. The only note of caution I’d sound to Celtic in this regard is that if they ever plan to utilise this facility in the ordinary BAU course of a season, they should be wary given the financial state of the Co-op that the facility may be pulled at short notice, or the terms changed. If I were them, I’d bank with a more stable entity.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Happy new year one and all xxx

The Vice Closes
Congratulations to the Scotland team tonight for a great result, looked like a goal would never come due to that intrepid crossbar but it’s great to see a Scotland side look as accomplished as we have recently. Just think where we’d be if we’d kept our concentration in the last minute against England!

The Vice Closes

”Now on what is objectionable to others: songs that are inward celebrating might cause offence to others but they are the ones taking offence, it is not being offered to or aimed at them. It is something intolerant in them that sparks the offence taken.”

By your criteria above, it would be perfectly acceptable for a group of fans to turn up at a football ground singing “Ode to Isis” and as long as it was inward looking, it would be the fault of the rest of the crowd if they were offended. 

I usually read your posts with interest and respect your views, but I find this stance ridiculous. 

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Upthehoops, thanks for your response. I’ve recognised my club’s weaknesses on here many times, but the justification given for support of clubs in Europe here is always that they are the Scottish representatives, which Rangers were. You can’t claim (and I don’t mean you particularly) to support the Scottish representatives but then exclude some because they aren’t financially well managed. Rangers mk II have been run at a loss but have broken no rules, and are not the first club in Scotland or in Europe to have been run at a loss. Again, I have been a vocal critic on here of the Rangers administration, but if people are on here claiming to support the Scottish representatives but making an exception for Rangers then I say they are hypocrites. 

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Jimbo you were not as vocal in your support for Scottish representation in Europe when Rangers were (briefly) involved. Neither was anyone else here, somewhat disappointingly. 

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