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Http:// alan mackenzie “gave” £1,000,000 to “save Rangers” ermmm…sorry to break the …

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alan mackenzie “gave” £1,000,000 to “save Rangers”

ermmm…sorry to break the news to you Al, but. . .Rangers di not get saved, they went bust. . .out of business
and into liquidation.nobody was able to save Rangers.

[Sevco bought the assets, then to fool guys like yourself. . .Sevco changed their name
from Sevco Scotland limited to The Rangers Football Club Limited. . .which is now owned by
Rangers International FC PLC, which is a deperate entity from the one David Murray sold to Craig Whyte
for £1, as The Rangers Group is still in business]

so. . .sorry Al. . .if you have been “duped”
[there’s a lot of it about]

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The Immortality Project

The Immortality Project
From CQN. . .

Sep Blatter hoped that Fifa would today ratify moving the 2022 World Cup, which will take place in Qatar, to the (i.e. Europe’s) winter months, however, that looks unlikely to happen. Fifa are split on the matter while Uefa president, Michel Platini, is keener to focus today’s meeting on the working conditions of migrant workers based in Qatar.

Right now Fifa have no grounds to withdraw the award of the World Cup hosting rights from Qatar, the award was made in full knowledge of the country’s climate. The treatment of migrant workers could change this. Fifa can insist that World Cup preparations do not expose workers to undue risk or inappropriate conditions. If Qatar cannot deliver within acceptable working practices the basis for legal grounds to withdraw the award has been established.

I wouldn’t book tickets for Qatar just yet.

I’m curious as to who gave the £2.5m personal guarantee to lend Rangers International money, noted in their accounts this week. This is as big a financial commitment anyone has made to the Newco in some time.

The Immortality Project
ecobhoy says:
October 3, 2013 at 3:56 pm
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Danish Pastry says:
October 3, 2013 at 3:42 pm
Goldstein says:
October 3, 2013 at 3:29 pm.

Proof of this, real hard evidence, really exists in time and space. I had hoped to present it hear in the next 9 days but that will not be necessary.
What about the stuff you are going to reveal tomorrow? Is that still in the pipeline? Yours in bluster
Patisserie Danoise
Hear Hear or is that Here Here Oh well there’s a surprise. However one thing that Ibrox has in common with ‘ time and space’ is that both have ever expanding Black Holes

Just as well the Boss Moderator on RM has solved the riddle of the missing £5.7 million Black Hole in Rangers’ Accounts. Turns out it’s all down to Charlie but don’t panic because it’s only a paper transaction and the money isn’t actually not there – it’s still there. Somewhere in Ibrox there lurks a stuffed warchest apparently. Probably stuffed with deads squirrels right enough.

I usually refrain from posting an RM link but this one is worth a read – I promise you it’s much more hilarious than goldstein.


nearly spat ma tea oot when I read this bit

. . .it is to do with TAX. . .not ‘our’ problem !!!

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Oliver Burke scores on debut…but rival fans are protesting against the way the club (or is it a company) 
are ‘funded’…financial doping !?!?M

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
on the subject of Made up news 


Made up History 
(a team from ibrokes getting 4 penalties in One game) that isn’t new or news !

Staying On The Problem
Another world record for Sevco ?  

(A Home tie in a ‘cup’ game . . . have Sevco ever had an away game
since their 1st ever (birth) game  Brechin -v- Sevco (not sure if it was Sevco5088 or SevcoScotland)

Staying On The Problem
RMCGEDDAWNAUGUST 6, 2016 at 12:55
Anyone help with further questions for the SFM Scottish football quiz?
1. Name the only footballer to have played for all three Old Firm Clubs?2. Which two major Scottish clubs were never ever relegated from the top division?

1 – Kenny Miller has played for Rangers FC, Celtic FC and The Rangers FC
2 – Celtic FC and Rangers FC* have never been relegated (* before going bust and into Liquidation)

Staying On The Problem
UPTHEHOOPSAUGUST 3, 2016 at 10:15 3 1 Rate This
Attachment Dave King Oldco
Re Tom English and his recent Tweets. Someone just posted this to him, stating they are happy to acknowledge Rangers as the same club as long as King follows up on this vow. To be fair to English he agrees with the poster it is a fair point.

The point is Tom English is happy to ‘agree’ with people who provide such evidence on Twitter.

what he is not willing to do, is agree with like minded callers on radio shows 
nor is he willing to state in print (newspaper columns) that Sevco and Rangers are two seperate clubs and that Sevco is a new club.

he is a coward who doesn’t want to end up like Brittny!

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