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Ecobhoy Your “team captain” talk is lost on me. When you …

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Your “team captain” talk is lost on me. When you post on here, it urges you to “speak your mind”.

That is what I do.

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The Immortality Project
I have no connection to Goldstein, but I did start posting again because of him. Why?

Quite simply, it was the most interesting thing I’d heard on here since Charlotte appeared back in May.

This is a great place for discussion, but it does need a kick up the jacksie nown again.

I’ll see you all again after BDO’s day in court with Collyer.


The Immortality Project
TSFM says:
October 3, 2013 at 7:34 pm

I don’t think you should remove the posting rights of interesting people. Whatever Charlotte or Goldstein’s agenda, whether they be at opposite poles or not, they are nothing if not interesting.

This blog is largely populated by bores and insufferable back slappers. Despite that, I frequent it nearly every day, but it’s a hard job wading through the sycophancy.

You’ve made a mistake banning Goldstein, just as you made a mistake with Charlotte.

What does it matter if Goldstein has deleted his posts? I was quick enough to copy and paste the lot- and they are no less intriguing reading them now, than when they first appeared.

Keep your eyes on the cases that will be heard before the year is out- and keep checking Companies House.


The Immortality Project
Tic 6709

I heard from a very good source- a journalist at a daily Scottish tabloid- that King has no intention of’ ‘investing’. What he wants to do, if he can, is pick up the assets at a song.

He’ll not be buying shares- he’s a vulture, hoping for some easy pickings. In that sense, he might be the last man standing- but only if there’s another insolvency event first.

Like everyone else, he is positioning himself and his comments about administration by Christmas should not go unheeded, especially when you consider his track record for predicting insolvency events.

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Podcast Episode 1
Looks like cheerio to Sevco 5088. Application to strike off made by sole remaining director Green yesterday. Can we assume Whyte has been paid his go away fee?

Podcast Episode 1
Just ten days to go until the Upper Tier Tribunal commences to hear HMRC’s appeal against the former Rangers football club (now in liquidation).

The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
Interesting post from KDS’s lubolubo, cut & pasted below:

“You have to remember there are two companies. RIFC (which had the ipo) and TRFC (the clumpany). RIFC raised the IPO dosh, TRFC spent it. TRFC will owe RIFC for the IPO money it has spent. It would be clearer if TRFC published accounts but they dont have to do so until May. RIFC will claim the money spent as debt, relieve TRFC of it’s property assets and become a very profitable property leasing company with one client signed up to a long term onerous lease including paying for upkeep after it sells TRFC (probably for a pound) to ra bares next saviour.”


Reflections on Goalposts
Has Imran Ahmad been anonymously emailing Scottish journalists telling them that the money will run out by February 14th? I can’t say 100% if Ahmad is involved, but someone has been contacting these journalists.

The same person also told these journalists a week before Stockbridge’s departure that he would be leaving, and that a deal had been cut regarding his bonus.

There is also an interesting development in that Tom Whyte has apparently been telling acquaintances that his son has secured funding in order to pursue litigation regarding the assets. This has come from a source on twitter. The Ahmad stuff, by the way, did not.

Are these alleged events linked? Are Ahmed and Whyte hoping to apply one final bit of pressure in order to secure a pay- off, or is it more than that?

We will see in the next few weeks. My prediction is that the dates between 7 – 21 Feb will prove telling.

If nothing happens, I guess we can finally lay the ghost of Whyte to rest.


Reflections on Goalposts
I tried to post the Rangers Media thread on the above, but it wouldn’t let me. If you can face it, there’s an excerpt of the headline over there in the “Tomorrows Herald” thread.

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