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Shame on Michael Grant for that ludicrous reference to costs …

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Shame on Michael Grant for that ludicrous reference to costs of coming out of liquidation. My insolvency practitioner (Celtic supporting) chum will love that when I tell him…!

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Two wrongs and a right
The Discharge would need to be signed by SD and delivered to RIFC/TRFC’s lawyers who would then submit it to the Land Register for registration.  SD would only deliver the signed Discharge in exchange for the sum required.  What appears to have been posted is a copy of the application record relating to the Title Sheet (basically a copy of the land register entry) for Auchenhowie. On the face of it, the security is gone, provided the Land Register don’t subsequently reject it due to some error. That’s unlikely since Discharges are very straightforward documents – difficult to get them wrong.

Two wrongs and a right
Nawlite,  I have no reason to doubt what you say.  

Two wrongs and a right
Bunnet – your recollection is sound. Even though my spell as a trainee lawyer in the court department was many moons ago, I do recall that funds needed to be in the account in question when the arrestment was lodged.
In theory you might need to go back several times to arrest on a day when there happened to be funds in the account, although I assume the debtor would wise up after learning of the first arrestment and do what they could to ensure that funds were, em, diverted elsewhere.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Been back to lurking since attending the Perth gathering. Superb analysis of the EBT ruling on here.  
It came to my attention today that the SFA have sought legal advice on the implications of the CoS ruling. I would guess that such advice would be in their hands (sorry inbox) by Monday……interesting to see what announcement follows.

Whose assets are they anyway?
evening all. I was at the Perth gathering and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I was with the aformentioned insolvency lawyer (we had a very pleasant journey too, thanks to Scotrail and one or two small libations !).  I have texted him to let him know that Highlander is looking for some input so hopefully he will pick up and post soon. 
I don’t believe he had intended to speak up at the gathering and reveal his professional interest but i think he was motivated by the excellent contributions from all who spoke.  Cannae help himself as my dear old mum would have said !

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