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This will make a right humdinger of a movie. Popcorn …

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This will make a right humdinger of a movie. Popcorn at the ready. Anyone know who owns the rights to any forthcoming blockbuster? Anyone? Anyone know who? Surely somebody that “has it all” regarding info. Anyone???? Anyone?

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The Immortality Project
That, my friend Neepheid, from Cartuja, is simply brilliant. A picture paints a thousand words.

The Immortality Project
Charlottes tweeting

Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 59s

Suspension lifted. Let’s get to the bottom of who has most to hide. No punches pulled.

Get the popcorn oot noo! Is this getting close to nuclear?

The Immortality Project
Goldstein says:
October 2, 2013 at 12:28 pm

“For the last 14 months or so the menu has been provided largely by Charlotte Fakes. If you look back at the early releases, most of them gave focus to matters concerning D&P and Charles Green. Many of us gorged on that, it was highly satisfying.”

The date Goldstein put on it “14 months or so” is way out when in fact Charlotte was on here first at……

Charlotte Fakeovers (@CharlotteFakes) says:
Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 20:23

Project Charlotte(s)

Not sure if this has ever been published before, but it’s handy to start at the beginning.

Arsenal shares were never going to last, housing at Murray Park and an incredible 70,000 capacity within Ibrox due to terracing, to name but a few plans.

The Chris Akers and Andrew Ellis show now begins.

To give him the benefit of doubt maybe he meant 4 months, not 14?????

Edit – beat me to it paradisebhoy

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Whose assets are they anyway?
Nice to hear the glib and shameless liar’s statement as he sees it today.
“As the one individual who was a major shareholder and director throughout the period that gave rise to the HMRC dispute, and again find myself in a similar capacity, I believe that I am uniquely positioned to make three important observations.
First, irrespective of the final outcome of the tax appeal (which might take several more years) the football team had no advantage from any tax savings from the scheme put in place by the Murray Group. Throughout the period in question the shareholders were committed to providing funding to the Club. The tax scheme may have reduced the need for shareholders to provide higher levels of funding so, as I have tried to make clear in the past, any advantage gained would have been to the company and its shareholders, not the team.”

So, Mr.King is uniquely positioned to pay HMRC his share of the EBT tax bill that in his own words he gained an advantage from. Oh, wait a minute…………..

Spot the difference?
Ok, Let’s take stock. We now know that without the glib and shameless chappy, Scottish football is doomed. If he can turn a loss making business around I can see why the SFA think he’s a fit and proper person. Over to you, the next “Sir Dave”.

Spot the difference?
So swollen hands the health tourist has a swollen kneecap? How strange.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Armageddon? Pfft 🙄

“At the AGM in November it was announced that following the dramatic improvements in the club’s financial position that the club would review its share valuation.”

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Apologies if already posted.

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