The List

There have been many issues discussed on RTC which have, despite their relative significance, been largely forgotten about due to the runaway train speed of events.

This page is a reminder of those issues. They are listed below. Posters who wish to add their own may find their posts removed (for tidiness) after the issue is added to the list. Please do not post those issues to the current article; it may be that some of them will become the subject of future articles. Feel free to add your pet forgotten issue.

I will add unresolved issues to the permanent body of the page and remove them if the issues are found to be resolved subsequently.

  • The Nimmo Report
     Stewart Regan explained the delay in publication was due to the original Disciplinary Panel considering it. The panel chairman claimed he had never had sight of it. Report remains hidden.
  • Ticketus
    Does anyone seriously believe this has gone away? £30m tells us, “NO!”
  • Conflicts of Interest
    Particularly pertaining to RFC officials who were in office at the time of the EBT schemes currency whilst also acting as SFA/SPL officials. Namely Campbell Ogilvie and John McLelland.
  • Player Registration
    How did Sevco manage to register a whole team of players only hours before their cup match at Brechin. Their SFA membership was not formalised until less than 24 hours before the match took place.
  • Graeme Souness
     In receipt of £30k of EBT money TEN YEARS after leaving RFC. Why?
  • Football Debts
    Sevco compelled to pay these, but it is alleged they have not yet been paid – despite Sevco spending money on players whose talents will be used against clubs still to be reimbursed. Is there a deadline for these debts to be met?
  • Employee Benefit Trust
    Is it legal or moral for money from this source to be disbursed to non-employees?
  • Who Owns Ibrox and Murray Park
    Valuation of properties in Green’s deal was £5.5m. It is speculated that this might be a reasonable price for the Albion Car Park, but that it implies a discount for Ibrox and MP of around 70%. So did Green purchase the stadium and training ground – or just the car park?
  • Insolvency Practitioners Investigation
    Into Duff & Phelps possible conflict of interest. Announced in June 2012
  • Court of Session Investigation
    Into Duff & Phelps possible conflict of interest. Announced in June 2012

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