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I like bit of detailed analysis as much as the next pedant but the 2011 Euro License situation is like one of those inconsiderate  parkers trying to get off with a ticket for taking a disabled persons space on a technicality regarding the use of wrong wording on the sign or the bay markings being not quite right.
They know they are in the wrong and have carried out an anti-social act but hide behind the technicalities of the law to try and squirm out of their  position because deep down they care not a jot for others and believe they somehow had a right to take that space in the first place.

Rangers were at it with both the HRMC and the footballing authorities.
This was no honest mistake or simple incompetence, such as the recent Dundee Utd registration issue.
This was deceit and sharp practice, pure and simple. In the whole WTC & BTC issue they never once went to Tax or Footballing authorities for guidance because they knew they were on a shoogly peg. Key documents were denied and withheld from the authorities. SDM started it and Whyte just continued on the same path.

Like the BTC we can into all the legal semantics but at the end of the day the common sense approach (taken by Dr Poon and the 3 CoS judges) tells the world that Rangers were trying to ensure they got a Euro Licence in dubious circumstances and that the SFA appear to have had the lightest of touches. 

I for one couldn’t care what the legal and technical issues are. In my book they were cheating at the expense of all their fellow clubs, they deserved far more than the (still?) unpaid £250,000 fine and both the SFA and SPFL still have a lot of explaining to do.

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The Offline Game
JUNE 6, 2016 at 12:37

I think we can. Bill Millers man Jon Prichett laid it out simply.

Regardless of what happened and how much money was raised there had to be major austerity, a major rethinking of how the club was run and a focus on developing homegrown talent and playing money ball. i.e No more Billy Big Baws.

Additional IPO cash and the meager funds available from playing in the SPL would not have made up for the annual shortfall in the Ibrox accounts

Follow that and my guess is that the club would have still be struggling to compete at home and in Europe against seasoned teams playing at that level.

The only alternative was to carry on regardless and have admin/liquidation 2 in a short period of time.

The Offline Game
A wee Monday morning thought.

As it looks like everyone in their uncle is not needing to turn up to court I would guess there is a good chance that Whyte will most likely walk as well. He might get a wee slap on the wrist for one of the minor charges but he will be able to handle that.

He will still have his beef with Ticketus but what has that got to do with anything football related. Its just a business transaction/gamble that went wrong.

The Sevco 5088 issues will most likely drift away to nothing.

Therefore while everything stinks to high heaven, what we may end up having, in pure legal terms, is a picture of a famous football club where all transactions were legitimate but were based on a failing business that ended up being worth no more than £1, which was then punted around in a last gasp deal such as many other businesses that have been asset stripped or allowed to get out of control by their owners.

When that same failing business got into deeper Doo-do, the basket of assets of that once famous football club were worth no more than £6.5m, if it is agreed ‘legally’ that the Green deal was above board.

If Duff & Duffer are shown to be in the clear on that one too, then we can safely assume that, in legal terms, everything was above board and no-one was barred from making a offer for the club from Govan.

The fact is we know some people did have a look at the books and they ran a mile. Not even RRM were seriously interested at that time.

So without any influence from internet bampottery, Rangers-Haters, the SMSM, Santa and the Tooth Fairly we now have a football club basking in the historical glories of the old one trying to sign free agent 30 year old injury prone EPL defenders with an average of 13 outings over the last seven seasons, while their manager is telling everyone they are all about developing talent and ‘adding value’ to the club.

Take the fans of all other Scottish clubs out of it. Even assuming T’Rangers had been allowed access to the SPL or Div One, I for one don’t think they would have been in a much better position than they find themselves in today. They still would have lost players on the basis they could not have afforded the wages, the players they would have been left with or asked to bring in would have had to match their budget. McCoist would have still been a disaster as a manager. Domestic and Euro glory would not have been achieved. Financially they would have been existing hand to mouth as they are today.

If the legal issues all go down the plug hole then we will have further proof that it is nobody’d fault other than those who have walked up the Marble Staircase over the years.

SDM failed to lay down solid foundations when he started his revolution. The club that plays out of Govan, despite the footballing authorities and fellow clubs all apparently trying to lend a hand, is now paying the price for that. Pure and simple.

The Offline Game
NEEPHEIDJUNE 2, 2016 at 10:51

Our best hope may be Grant Russell at STV who to be fair seems to be willing to have a go at real investigative journalism without fear or favour. 

Grant Russell ‏@STVGrant 14h14 hours ago@GersnetOnline @Jas72Boyd There’s a lot more reporting to be done on it. And it centres around UEFA.

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Moving On Time?
StevieBC 22nd December 2020 at 12:26

bect67 22nd December 2020 at 12:50

Agree, if people aren't happy with six goals in a cup final encounter that went to extra time and a nerve wracking penalty shoot out then what is it that floats their boat?

Thinking back, by the end of it I had forgotten there was no crowd in Hampden and was wholly absorbed unlike some games I've watched in these strange times.

OK so the quality was questionable and the result didn't go the way of my team but for me this is what sport should be about. If Celtic had taken it to 3-0 in the second half and strolled to the end of the game, no-one would have even remembered the game next week, let alone years to come. 

Quadruple trebles, Hamilton winning F1 at a canter, etc  are to be admired and respected but I'd say it isn't always 'entertaining'.

Moving On Time?
Nice to see the thumbs back on the site.

18 thumbs down for a fairly innocuous post re the cup final and 1 person responding negatively to Cluster One's post re  the BBC's  half time tribute to a 36 year old footballer being struck down by MND!! 

I know people say the thumbs are not the be all and end all of the site, but come on guys, really?

Moving On Time?
Very entertaining cup final today.

Penalties a bit of a lottery, as usual,  as both teams could claim they were worthy of the win.


Moving On Time?
bordersdon 7th December 2020 at 20:23

paddy malarkey 7th December 2020 at 18:36

Would hope by the September rounds there may be a chance to get to games if the vaccine roll out goes well. However in terms of away games can't see any great attraction other than Austria, don't really fancy the rest. Would consider Denmark if I can get a bank loan for a pint!!

Moving On Time?
Re The recent punishments for St Mirren and Kilmarnock, I have merely scanned the ruling for Killie and read a bit of commentary re St Mirren

It seems there are two parts to case. Killie were deemed to have not operated social distancing protocols on the bus to an away game and at a pre-game meal. To put is simply, they probably need to have two buses to keep all players and staff appropriately distanced and at the hotel where the meal was served,  the tables had too many people around them.

In St Mirren's case it seems the same applied but they were also guilty of letting players car share. There seems to be questions about not imparting covid related information to players and staff in an appropriate manner.

I may be wrong but I get the impression the cash fine is for braking the covid protocols and the loss of game and the 3-0 award to opposition is based on sporting disadvantage, given the result was that due to Covid issues the offending team were unable to put out a team and thus placed unfavourable conditions on their opposition that would otherwise not have occurred.

The linking of these two cases to earlier one with Celtic & Aberdeen seems to be 'apples and pears' in that both those clubs were willing and able to play their fixtures. The SPFL seem to also be saying that the Scot Gov cancelled the games but I am not sure that is strictly the case.

However, if a team were to fall foul of a bout of food poisoning as a result of their own catering operation and could not fulfill a fixture, is it not the case that precedent for teams being unavailable due to  'illness' within the squad is that the games are rescheduled.

Clubs would not be fined for breaking hygiene protocols and no points would be awarded to the disadvantaged opposition.

I can see why the SPFL have taken the stance they have, in these most difficult of times,  but not overly convinced they have the powers or precedent to take such action. Perhaps it is a gloves off approach as opposed to being more accommodating in 'normal times'.

While not so fussed about retrospective action on Celtic and Aberdeen, I am more concerned that the same SPFL seem willing to disrupt an already jam packed league fixture list and allow a certain team to needlessly go to a winter training camp (which presumably will be abroad), when there could be a higher probability of people straying from protocols and covid controls. 

If Celtic or any other team are unable to fulfill fixtures due to 'covid mistakes'  then 3-0 it will be, no?


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