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WOODSTEIN  I have  been following the  “Overdue Payables”  discussion, and  one …

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 I have  been following the  “Overdue Payables”  discussion, and  one thing struck me, what is the definition of an overdue payable?It seems to be football debt (other clubs), emloyees, or tax debts, what about loans in default?  Is it all of these.?Had look at, UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations  Edition 2012.  Alas no definition.Anyone here able to enlighten me?

Woodstein, Annex VII covers waht an overdue payable is and Article 49 and 50 cover as you state Football debt, employees and tax.

I think loans in default is in the Break Even section which would appear in Annex X though less certain on this. 

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The Offline Game
Just for the record, i took to Twitter 17 hours after you put me in moderation, not “immediately” as you claim TRISIDIUM.  I therefore, not surprisingly, believe you are being economical with the truth in order to paint you in good light.

Never said what you imply LM. I said you knew you were in moderation, posted 11 hours later with a request for the post to be considered for publishing, and THEN went immediately to Twitter to mislead.
The abuses of the truth – again – are all yours.
Had my doubts about the honesty of your motives by being here in the first place. I should have listened to them.
Thanks for agreeing that Rangers were in in breach of the articles though.

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 Take as much issue as you like Lawman. The question isn’t one of morality, it’s of illegality.  If you are saying that we should ignore what happened at Ibrox because they were they only ones daft enough to get caught, then your moral compass is spinning in a rather random fashion – but let us see the evidence you speak of..


Im not asking anyone to ignore anything and I would happily stick to the facts around Article 50,66 and Annex VIII.  However when emotive terms such as “innocent” are used, and to be fair, since a lot of the barriers have been coming down over the last 7 days, it often turns to a question of morality rather than strict regulations, then i have avoided getting dragged in.

As read in John 8-7 “Let the one among you who is guiltless be the first to throw a stone”  

The Offline Game

 OK folks, we’ve been round the block a few times here. Lawman is 99.999% sure that RFC were innocent. Most of the rest of us are 99.999% for the same reasons, that they aren’t.


I have to take issue with the inference above and attempt to, in my opinion, bring implied morality into it.

Im 99.99% sure that Rangers complied with the regulations of Article 66 and Annex VIII of the UEFA FFP Guidelines.

Im leaving the moral issue of “innocence” aside as to bring that into this debate then we would need to consider some circumstantial evidence of Tax avoidance and to a much greater extent Direct evidence of systemic Tax Evasion in Scottish football over the last 30+ years by more than Rangers. 

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Stevie G – The Real Deal?
easyJambo 25th October 2018 at 00:57

If you look at the transcript of the hearing, then you will see that Justice Teare intervened much more often during Mr Holmayer's submission than that of Mr Hussain. That suggested to me that he was having much more difficulty in understanding exactly the arguments being put forward and sought clarification on several occasions.

I took that as him being more comfortable with SD's submissions, rather than Rangers.


A very fair and alternative view that comes across from experience EJ and one which clearly makes sense.


Stevie G – The Real Deal?
Barcabhoy.  Can we just clarify.

Does the following statement "For the avoidance of doubt, im not saying we have won or anything like that, im only stating what our case/argument is" translate in your opinion to me concluding "no case to answer , SD would be sent packing , tail between legs . "

That is your claim.  Which i hope you are fair enough to admit you got completely wrong.

I made no such conclusion whatsoever.

Stevie G – The Real Deal?
Barcabhoy 24th October 2018 at 21:11


And yes , he was the guy on twitter who had read all of the case releases and concluded no case to answer , SD would be sent packing , tail between legs . 



Its unlikely this will see the light of day but i hope out of fairness, you allow the right to reply.

I said nothing of the sort about SDI been sent packing.

I simply stated what Rangers defence was against SDI and that it appeared from the judges answering that he understood the argument followed by “which of course, means nada until he rests.”

I also stated elsewhere the following:


"That happens in court cases.  1 side argues black and the other side argue white.  The judge then decides who is right.  

For the avoidance of doubt, im not saying we have won or anything like that, im only stating what our case/argument is and i do believe the judges responses to RFC were more positive and understanding than the responses to SDI. 

Still a coin flip."


Not a fair picture being painted here.

Bonkers OCNC Thread
So, UEFA have given another indication today of their view on things.


Matchday one: 20 September

Steven Gerrard has taken Rangers into the #UEL©Getty Images

  • Beşiktaş welcome first-timers Sarpsborg, playing their first group stage fixture
  • 2012/13 UEFA Europa League winners Chelsea kick off at PAOK
  • Rangers returning to group stage after an eight-year absence at Villarreal
  • Arsenal enter post-Arsène Wenger European era at home to Ukraine's Vorskla
  • AC Milan visit group stage debutants Dudelange in Luxembourg
  • Fenerbahçe, Sevilla, Celtic, Marseille and Leverkusen also primed for action

Fantastic Voyage ..
This proof of pro Rangers bias. Does it involve sending off a player 10 minutes into a difficult away tie then refusing to send of an Aberdeen player for denying a clear goal.scoring opportunity? 


Does it also involve sending off a player at Ibrox after 30 minutes for a tackle which could have resulted in a yellow due to ball direction? 


Also, Jimbo, who are these referees that talk of rangers bias at dinner speeches. I hope your not falling for the lies of a John James here. Tut tut. 

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