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Lawman You say “Incompotent” I say corrupt, neither are acceptable. I …

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You say “Incompotent” I say corrupt, neither are acceptable. I am sure we can agree on this?

Perhaps you’re right in what you say in regards to if this was Aberdeen but we are where we are & no matter the club/s involved we should all be fighting for the same thing here.

So I go back to my original point – Arguing over who’s right & who’s wrong on Resolution 12 is a colossal waste of time. Whether it ultimately proves Rangers were given a licence in 2011 falsely or not makes little difference as we sit here today. For this reason I see your dissection as being counter productive & at the end of the day rather pointless.

In my humble opinion you should be looking at Res 12 as an opportunity for change & not as something to beat your club over the head with. As I say I’m a bottom line guy & I think it would serve everyone best if we all kept our eyes on the prize. Which is to expose an “Incompetent” or corrupt organisation.

As a side note, I sincerely wish the many decent Rangers fans better times & trustworthy custodians. Sadly  on the latter I think this may be some time off.

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The Offline Game
The ins & outs of when & what liabilities were & are to be paid is not the point.

The fact is Ken Bates bought both the assets & liabilities. This satisfied FA rules & Leeds continued.

Green neither agreed to cover any liabilities or satisfied league rules & Rangers ceased to exist.

As CYGNUS X-1 suggestes that engaging in semantics is pointless. I agree, so this will be my last post on this as there are more relevant issues than the ins & outs of Leeds United.

Peace & sincerely all the very best to you & New Rangers (as long as you don’t win anything) for the coming seasons. 🙂

The Offline Game
“No. The Joint Administrators were clear and unequivocal. The company would not get a CVA in the future. Liquidation was the only option.”

This is indeed accurate but ultimately Ken Bates bought both the assets & liabilities out of administration thus complying with FA rules. 

I am sure you can agree that this never happened with Rangers?

The Offline Game
To try to be clear & as I understand it…

It’s not if liquidation happened it’s when & what happened that is different to the situation with Rangers.

Leeds had no need to liquidate other than to make the deadline to participate in the league.

Ken Bates bought Club assets & more importantly its liabilities. In short he bought everything, A CLUB.

Green was not afforded this luxury as with no CVA or agreement or ability to cover liabilities then compulsory liquidation immediately fell upon Rangers 1872.

Subsequently only some assets were moved to a Newco. In short Green wasn’t allowed or able to buy everything and a New Club was born.

The End! 😉

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