The Offline Game


“I have also instructed the compilation of a comprehensive report …

Comment on The Offline Game by Kilgore Trout.

“I have also instructed the compilation of a comprehensive report from all our internal group functions at Hampden Park to establish a full picture of the events of the weekend. The contents of this report will be made available to the commission…….to be used as the basis for their final conclusions”

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The Offline Game
AllyJambo @ 13:58

“I’m pretty certain there will be a few less copies of the Guardian sold as a result of this!”

I’m pretty certain I can guarantee this.

The Offline Game

“How can he get a winners medal without Rangers winning something”

Perhaps he’ll get loaned out to Celtic*
*Other potential trophy winners are available. 

The Offline Game
John Clark.

I’d say that Keith Jackson’s got that gig pretty well sewn up already. 

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Cluster One

“Things TRFC would not have to have done if they were the same club as rangers”

Gone on and on anything like as much about being the same club as rangers. 

End of the Road for King?


End of the Road for King?
Jimbo/John Clark

I think it would be fair to say that Mr Herron is au fait with all things Ibrox as it was he who conducted the in-house ‘Who Are These People?’ interview with Ally McCoist which resulted, no doubt completely unintentionally, in the harassment and exposure to real physical danger of those who were the (not remotely to either of them) unknown subjects of that shameful stunt.  

Peace – Not War
StevieBC @ 16:15
“Obviously, I don’t think RIFC could consider holding its AGM on Hogmanay in Thurso,”

I spent some time in Thurso and still have family there.
It has its faults but it has never done anything to deserve such a fate befalling it.

In fact, I wouldn’t even wish such a thing on Wick.

Staying On The Problem
Just filling in the obvious transcription error on that statement.

“It is to be hoped that the Scottish FA, as they begin considering this report and the appropriate punishments, remember vividly our agreed narrative rather than what actually occurred on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the National Stadium….”

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