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Carfins Finest This from the SFA Statement. In addition, the Scottish …

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Carfins Finest
This from the SFA Statement. In addition, the Scottish FA’s Compliance Officer has also started the process of investigating potential rule breaches from a football regulatory perspective. Anyone who thought for a minute that disqualifying Hibernian FC and giving the European place to TRFC was too far fetched can think again. This is what the TRFC fans and ex players have been banging on about since Saturday. The NEED for Euro cash to survive is clearly evident. Nothing is beyond them now. They are empowered to the max.
Anyone who thinks there is money in the first rounds of the Europa is well off the mark! Sometimes loss making in fact. I agree that disqualifying Hibs and awarding the place to Sevco would be outrageous but it’s not going to happen.

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The Offline Game
June 6, 2016 at 20:24
I read about the lines for buying ST’s at Parkhead. Don’t know how reliable this Twitter account is, but it’s quoting 50K+ ST’s expected to be sold.
If that is correct, then the gamble to push the boat out for a decent manager has already paid off for CFC ?
But will PL interpret this increased interest as validation that the game is ‘moving on’ – and further rocking of the boat in Scottish football is not necessary – well, from his perspective anyway ?
And PL’s financial/management reporting should keep Desmond satisfied / detached ?
If that is correct then, taken with the numbers being quoted regarding the new team in the SPFL, then we are firmly back to where we came from. same old, same old. DD will be delighted and I’m not sure if I rate him any higher than SDM!!! Panama Papers an a that? PL will get a performance bonus I reckon. I’m oot! They are taking the p88s.

The Offline Game
May 23, 2016 at 19:55
There is money in the Europa League if you can get your support to buy tickets for the games.
There is not a lot in prize money, or in TV rights but there is money to be made.
Clubs who make losses do so because they simply don’t get the support turning out.
Against some unknown team from wherever on a Wednesday when it’s on tv and you have lost the first leg?

The Offline Game
May 20, 2016 at 21:28
On the eve of the Scottish Cup Final between Rangers and Hibernian I wish both teams well. As a sometimes reader of SFM I really struggle with your stated intention of being a collective for all Scottish Football fans. How will you deliver these numbers when there is an inherent bias and ambivalence directed against one club? The name Scottish Football Monitor gives the impression that it does what it says on the tin, examine all issues pertaining to Scottish Football and the member clubs. Lets face it I have yet failed to see an in depth look at the downfall of Dundee United, the performance of their owner, and the state of their finances. Will you be dissecting the fate of Kilmarnock Football Club, a club where the support and fans are at loggerheads, and if relegated could mean the end of their club? Will we see an in depth look at Motherwell Football club who are at the very brink and are about to slash wages of their first team squad? Can you really claim you are monitoring Scottish Football? I would suggest until you are seen to do this, I mean really monitor the whole of Scottish Football, you will always struggle for supporter recognition.
Almost see what you are saying RIB. BUT no other club has had a “leg up” like Sevco. Press/Sfa etc etc. I would like to think that this site would be equally forensic about wrong things everywhere (notwithstanding my earlier comment about this site being a tad Celtic biased). Anyway been at the pub tonight and maybe not at my most articulate!

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
bfbpuzzledDecember 28, 2017 at 10:41
Even having done that, I would not have a clue on the correct value of a TRFC/RIFC share, yet every man and his dog of the blue persuasion can confidently assert that the value is not 20p but 27.5p. 
Can one of you clued up guys remind me what the basis of the 20p per share is?

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
easyJamboDecember 21, 2017 at 20:31 0 0
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Homunculus December 21, 2017 at 20:07Yes but have you amortised those values EJ.========================Just keep an eye on the Cash Flow next year.
Aye cash is King or king. They will limp along until season book time (45k of them = circa £18m netto?). With Sevco having that kind of budget, whilst not being able to challenge Celtic, we are back to a duopoly rather than a monopoly. They really are f**ked if they want to be top dogs anytime soon. But the bears don’t want to hear that.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
 John ClarkDecember 18, 2017 at 12:04
Fitzgerald Lodge Management Co. Ltd.
A Lodge Management co?101010

Who Is Conning Whom?
BallyargusDecember 6, 2017 at 09:29Another cracker from C Jack in the Herald,”It is understood that the Gers opted to do the honourable thing and wait until after the Premiership double-header with Aberdeen last week before making an official approach for the Reds boss.” 
I know, I saw that earlier! Some of the stuff spouted by Chris (union) Jack these past weeks has been beyond belief.
My take on the saga is that it stinks, stinks to high heaven! The SMSM, including and maybe particularly the BB effin C, stated from day 1 that McInnes was the preferred candidate so basically doing Sevco’s dirty work and destabilising Aberdeen. I believe D McInnes has been “sleekit” as BILL 1903 says and does not come out of this well. His body language over the past weeks has sent messages.
We really are in a no win position. If we try to hold on to a manager who no longer wants to be at the club that will end in tears. I have no problem with him leaving and, as posted here a few days ago, always thought that would be the outcome, but the whole way in which the thing has been handled, as I say, stinks.
I hope that when we move for another manager that if that is someone who is in a job currently that we do it properly with respect for all concerned.

Who Is Conning Whom?
AllyjamboDecember 3, 2017 at 12:38
There seems a certainty amongst some Aberdeen fans on Twitter that McInnes is off to Ibrox early next week. Apart from everything else connected with this, should it happen, I hope the Dons fans demand that the compensation is paid in full, upfront, or at least prior to McInnes’ first match in charge of TRFC.I think it would be hard for Milne to claim he had no choice in the matter if he allows a club that has stalked his manager to pay for the privilege by instalments. If TRFC cannot afford to pay the compensation up front, the SFA should refuse them permission to register him (if managers are registered) or ban him from the dugout until such time as the compensation is paid, with Aberdeen having no say in the matter.At some time the game’s governors have to say, ‘show us yer money!’ and refuse to allow a club with successive going concern matters raised in their accounts to deal with other football clubs unless it pays up front.
I am one of these and have been from the day Pedro was shown the door. Nothing we can do to stop it but why the delay?, why the statements from Milne and McInnes? The title of this blog could be applied to the saga.
The uncertainty must surely have had an impact on the morale of the team and the manager’s motivation! 1 – 0 down at home as I write.
I hope we get every last penny of compo and yes up front in full.

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