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By all means punish Rangers for fans invading the pitch …

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By all means punish Rangers for fans invading the pitch and singing prohibited songs, but to make out that they were, to coin a very popular phrase “as bad as each other”, is extremely disingenuous.

The reason for punishing both equally is simple.  Throughout the match Rangers fans were indulging in Sectarian singing – a clear breach of the rules. No such singing could be heard from the hibs fans

Several pyrotechnics were discharged among the Rangers fans – a clear breach of the rules, not to mention downright dangerous.  No sign of them amongst the hibs fans.

The intent of the majority of the hibs fans on the pitch was to celebrate.  The idiots who got involved in anything more than that should be thrown in jail for a decent spell.

The intent of the majority of the rangers fans on the pitch (Although the overwhelming majority of Rangers fans at the game kept themselves out of it) was to attack the hibs fans.  Again they should be thrown in jail for a decent spell.

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The Offline Game
To be honest, I don’t think Stubbs will be that big a loss to Hibs.  Yes he did very well in one off games and got Hibs playing some good football, but, for a former defender he never managed to get Hibs looking solid defensively.  That was their achilles heel when he started there and remains there problem area now.

The Offline Game
Looks like Stubbs is off to Rotherham.    

The Offline Game
It would be a complete waste of money Tony.  Even if Aberdeen were 9 points ahead at the split they would still finish second.  They collapse after the split every year.

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Who will be heading up the inquiry to the botched draw

History, Neighbours and Made Up News

Another ‘Old Firm’ move to England article .What the clubs and probably the fans are desperate for.Dont think it will ever happen but you never know.I certainly have zero interest in Aberdeen playing in any league out with Scotland

It’ll never happen.  Shame really as it would be the best thing that could happen to Scottish football.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
One thing that Rodgers can take from tonights game is that he now knows what he needs to spend the champions league cash on.  A right back, 2 more good centre backs and a midfielder that can put his foot on the ball and slow things down.  

Journey’s End?

Just watched the Saints Aberdeen game. Heavens what is happening to the dons. Fair play to the Saints who deserved their win but it was painful to watch Aberdeen give up the chase so wimpishly.

GunnerB, take a quick look back at the last few seasons results for Aberdeen against St Johnstone and you will find that St J have an excellent record in these games.  For some reason Aberdeen tend not to turn up against them, why this should be I have no idea but if Aberdeen are playing St Johnstone then a bet on a St J win is often worthwhile.

Journey’s End?
Seems to be a bit of a love in for Hearts going on for the past couple of days and it’s easy to see why.  They are playing good old fashioned Scottish style of football, Skilful, with pace and with a strong physical presence (unfortunately that is why they will go out of the Europa league early doors, European football will not tolerate a slightly physical side).  Personally I wish all Scottish teams would play that way – it is one of our biggest strengths.

However, I fail to see why there is so much praise for Ann Budge.  Yes, when she came onboard, she gave the impression that she could be the one to bring an end to the cheating, bias – call it what you will.  Instead (to me anyway) it appears that she has rapidly fallen into line with the rest of the owners, SFA and SPFL

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