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My understanding, and no more than that is that the …

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My understanding, and no more than that is that the situation with regards SDI, TRFC and RR is as follows.

RR, owned jointly between the other two, hold a Worldwide licence to produce and sell any official Rangers merchandise. That has another 6 years to run. 

TRFC own the Intellectual Property (crests, badges etc) which relate to Rangers.

TRFC have withdrawn the permission for RR to use that IP. In spite of the fact that they are joint owners of RR.

We would appear to be in a position where no-one other that RR can produce or sell anything Rangers related. However that company cannot use any of the crests, badges etc. Therefore they effectively cannot produce any new Rangers merchandise either. 

Basically no-one can currently produce new Rangers merchandise, including replica kit etc.

As I said a wee while ago, a Mexican stand-off. 

(If you look at the SD website you will see they are happily selling the old kit.)

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The Offline Game
NEEPHEIDJUNE 1, 2016 at 09:39


We will have to agree to disagree on this one.

Celtic’s current market cap is £68m

If I had £40m to throw away I would rather have 58% of Celtic than a similar slice of Rangers.

I think the assets, including player registrations have greater value, I think the chance of winning things is greater, I think the chance of competing for CL tens of millions is greater, I think the prospect of bringing in substantial sponsorship and merchandising income is greater, there is a lack of a binding contract with Mike Ashley for the next 6 years strangling income, I see no dubiety re the ownership of Celtic’s assets, I believe that the Co-op provide a nice borrowing facility at favourable terms.

I also think anyone investing £40m in Celtic would be mad. I can’t even imagine anyone doing similar with Rangers.

The Offline Game
I think Celtic will win the premiership in the coming season with Aberdeen and Hearts fighting out second place just the same as this season. A lot will go down to luck with regards injuries throughout the season and which club is better covered for loss of players.

My money would be on Rangers for fourth, from what I have seen they have been rather lucky with injuries in the season just ended. Particularly with such a small squad.

The Offline Game
MAY 31, 2016 at 17:39

The Rangers business model was seriously flawed for a long time.

Part of the reason is the myth that Celtic and Rangers were pretty much on a par commercially. That was simply not true. There are three obvious differences.

1, Large sponsorship deal, outwith the norm. Nike was worth an additional £5m per annum to Celtic. That was in effect “free money” as there was no real cost attached.

2, Higher gate income. Realistically Celtic had 4,000 additional paying customers for home games. Say £25 for 18 games. That would be another £1.8m. Again little additional cost. Laughing about how accurate the figures are for attendees does not change how many actually paid for a seat. 

3, Higher merchandising revenues. Call that another £1.2m, I think it might have been more but it makes the numbers easier.

In my opinion, prior to Rangers being liquidated, Rangers domestic income was about £8m less than Celtics (pre tax), and Celtic could not break even based on domestic football alone. They needed European income, at the very least every couple of years.

Rangers were totally dependent on European income, much more so than Celtic given a similar cost base. When he club failed to reach the CL or even Europa in their last season an already all too obvious fate became inevitable. 

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