The Offline Game


Relaunch as the vanguardy yin ??? …

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Relaunch as the vanguardy yin ???

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The Offline Game
“Jack,1. You rushed to take offence at BP’s squirrel remark – despite it not being directed at you.”

quite right too, there’s nothing worse than being de-squirrelised.

The Offline Game
“So, let everyone be clear on one thing – Rangers demands that players, staff and fans be protected from the violence and hatred ….”

think that’s probably two things Jim – or might be six ??

The Offline Game
“…….provide our people with a safe environment…..”

should that “our” not be “the” Jim??

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The Vice Closes
Say ‘learnings’ again, I dare you, I double dare you mother****er, say learnings one more Goddamn time

Time to Make Things Happen
bigboab1916June 15, 2017 at 23:38
“Mexicans dont do Glasgow.”
Why?? Too stand offish ??

Small Price to Pay?
Dave King “Naw Paul, that’s no what ah meant. Ah said, dae ye huv any suggestions fur catarrh !!”

Small Price to Pay?
if only on an interim basis?

a gerinterim basis surely?

The Causes of Crime
If it is true, Scottish Water will be getting boycotted.

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