The Rangers saga as it happened…


Where does the power lie? …

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Where does the power lie?

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The Rangers saga as it happened…
These are the Boards at the SFA:

The main Board consists of seven members: the Office Bearers (Stewart Regan, Chief Executive; Campbell Ogilvie, President; Alan McRae, First Vice-President, and Rod Petrie, Second Vice-President),
plus Ralph Topping (SPL), Tom Johnston (Junior FA) and Barrie Jackson, the Scottish FA’s first-ever independent non-executive director.

Professional Board:

Chairman: Rod Petrie (Scottish FA)
Members: Jim Ballantyne (SFL), Neil Doncaster (SPL), Peter Lawwell (SPL), David Longmuir (SFL), Alan McRae (Scottish FA), Campbell Ogilvie (Scottish FA), Stewart Regan (Scottish FA),
Sandy Stables (SHFL) and Ralph Topping (SPL).

Non-Professional Game Board:

Chairman: Alan McRae (Scottish FA)
Members: Donald Beaton (Welfare FA), John Gold (Schools FA), Colin Holden (South of Scotland), Tom Johnston (Junior FA), David Little (Youth FA), Maureen McGonigle (Scottish Women’s Football), Campbell Ogilvie (Scottish FA), Rod Petrie (Scottish FA), Stewart Regan (Scottish FA), Andrew Renwick (East of Scotland), Graham Harkness (Scottish Amateur FA).

The Rangers saga as it happened…

Well put.

The Rangers saga as it happened…
enfakid says: August 30, 2012 at 13:21
Sepia says:
The four horsemen are C. Ogilvie, S. Regan, R.Petrie, and (I’ve forgotten his first name) Mr Rae. They chair all Boards.
Yes very good, have you not forgotten someone, or is it a Freudian slip,

II think you need to take a look at the SFA website and read that with the full comment I made. Also everything you raise has been discussed on here ad nauseam. Why not read back through the posts. I’m certain you really do not want to waste your time regurgitating same old same old. I sure do not have the time.

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Past the Event Horizon
And the reason given for the non-punishment of Bougherra was that they had spoken to the referee who swore that at no stage had he felt threatened. So the new yardstick for judging the offence became whether the official felt threatened.

Past the Event Horizon
Smugas says: (596)
December 3, 2013 at 12:39 pm
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willmacufree says: (244)
December 3, 2013 at 11:47 am
I think you’re giving me too much credit, but I’ll take it!

Past the Event Horizon
Taking a leaf out of Goosey’s book, I predict that when people can no longer deny that limited liability club is company is club, they will switch the emphasis to Team. It’s not the club that wins games they will tell us, it’s the team on the pitch. Right, so maybe the club’s dead, but the team lives on the same as every other team. Sure players have died, retired, been transferred, but that’s the same for all teams.

At last they’ll have something that’s true for every club that operates a team that consists of players on the park. But don’t anybody mention unregistered contracts.

Comment Moderation Thread
I believe you do on the whole a very good job scanning, moderating and so on, to produce a first class blog, frequented by excellent contributors. But could there be times when you need to reassess your input?

You deleted a post of mine. No big deal. You’ve deleted better posts than that. I asked you why. You gave as the reason that the point I made is debatable, and many would argue most definitely against it.

Not true and you know that. That is not the reason your post was removed. I await your apology

These are grounds for censorship? Do you actually believe comments are inappropriate because they are debatable and that people would argue strongly against them? On a blog on Scottish football, and in its current state?
Can you be serious?

Past the Event Horizon
Greenock Jack,
You claimed that PM got unfair criticism on here. Not having seen any, I asked you for examples. You come up with one only, that P. Murray is not leadership material, and then you say you agree with it! You’re not making sense.

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