The Rangers saga as it happened…


Re the celtic match being moved to Sunday 11/11/12 ,matchday …

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Re the celtic match being moved to Sunday 11/11/12 ,matchday 4 is on 6/7 of Nov so could possibly be playing away on the Wednesday in some far flung place [manchester] so would give them an extra day to recover .Would there be any other reason.

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The Rangers saga as it happened…
Dear oh dear
Before we start on doing what we pay our Mafia for doing ,finding funds to run Scottish football,lets make sure we clear the desk first of current issues,deal with the mess they have created in not administrating our clubs properly ,RFC [IA] ,the monies that they have denied to member clubs is immeasurable and god will only know how this might have changed football in Scotland ,will they try and let this be swept under the carpet because it should not be ,we need to know in some form what was denied to member clubs by a member club and for how long.
Onto distributing other clubs success ,we dont have to go too far back in history to when the current Scottish CL representitives where only saved at the 11th hour from being history themselves ,where was the clamour from all and sundry outside of CFC to help save an institution,no reply to that one,no someone came along with a bold 5 year plan that is the result of where they are today, and not without going into serious debt ,but with the right people at the helm guiding it through to what they deserved last night,again going back a shorter period in time when at a xmas time it looked at last that we had a Hearts team that would at least split the big 2 and might have even finished first under their manager Mr Burley at the time before they imploded,why should Celtic fans pay for this and it is Celtic fans due to putting their hard earned money into the club when asked,it never fails to amaze me when the other Scottish clubs reach a final and then DEMAND a fifty/fifty of the ticket allocation due to their support ,the same support that fails to turn up at home games,what are these clubs boards doing to harness this missing weekly support,again I dont here a reply ,no lets take Celtic supporters cash , shareholders who put their money in when asked some clubs boards need to grow a set and start managing to a level that can create a long term plan to bring their club forward ,what happened to the Aberdeen and Dundee Utd of the seventies ,why did they not sustain the level reached in Europe and at home ,other smaller nations seem to have overtaken Scotland in being able to sustain entry in Europe and reap additional income,I am going to stop here as my key board is starting to smoke ..

The Rangers saga as it happened…
Would it not be that Smith was sent back to Ibrox with his brief to help bury any info on the EBT scandal that was about to hit,no problem at the SFA as they will cover their end ,they could not even administer this correctly ,and when the Raygun was brought in he did not fire off in the right directions as poss CO would have hoped,the horse was dead by this time and no one noticed ,can someone tell them to get off the poor animal.

The Rangers saga as it happened…
Longtimelurker 8.46
Chris Graham
What is wrong with the so called real sevco support ,this guy is is determined to keep the shyster machine rolling along and its being allowed to happen,months and even years of failings have been brought out into the open and all this guy [Graham] wants to do is deflect the real issues by trying to lay accusations at other people’s door,so what if Mr Thomson or anyone else for that matter investigate a story and dont report the full facts they are not doing any worse than the likes of Graham who should have an invaluable foot in the door to any shennanigans and report it to the fans of his club ,but no ,he still treats them as sh*te on his shoe and more fools them for allowing him to continue ,just when you start to feel a little sympathy for supposingly genuine fans this chancer pops his head above the parapet and fires of a volley of bile aimed at bringing the rank and file back into a line that he must see as wavering,do all your selves a favour and take the opportunity to rid your club of these cancererous cells and go forward ,as sure as night follows day if you dont you are without doubt a finished entity on gods earth,you do have the choice ,remember life is not a rehearsal.

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Make our Mind Up Time
are you MG’s dad per chance

Make our Mind Up Time
CG would make a fortune for Sevco if he sells his North American tour to ITV as the new Minder series ,know what I mean Arfur

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
Charles has come on air to explain the position after the Ramsden cup draw with QOS ,it was agreed that if the game ends in a draw even after the additional 30min ,penalties will be taken and the winner of said penalties will decide where the replay will be played ,due to some confusion QOS did not receive this memo in time before the kick off and the required signature either agreeing or disagreeing with this was not obtained ,under rule 124 part 6a of the Ramsden Cup which again was posted at 22.20 on the 18/9/12 QOS have been disqualified from the tournament ,Charles said they have his full sympathy but rules are rules ,one must always remember rules are continualy being updated and you should always ask your opponents has there been any rule changes since the last rule change ,they clearly failed to do this ,when it comes to knowing what the rules are we are ahead of the game .

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
Long Time Lurker Says
Let the debate begin ,we need this to fill in the dark nights ,oops I mean the dark winter nights

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
Aye right you are Jabba ,the same way you would want someone else check over your expense account and comment to all and sundry ,how do you know CFC did not look into any other clubs accounts just to keep tabs ,its a lazy business that would not want to have a look at its competitors to see how they operate ,is that not the name of the game ,oh apologies you where probably meaning lennon and his backroom team looking at this instead of CFC finance people ,silly me,I will find out on Wednesday I have a meeting with Dobbin.

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