The Rangers saga as it happened…


EasyJambo on August 30, 2012 at 15:21 Thanks for that EJ. …

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easyJambo on August 30, 2012 at 15:21

Thanks for that EJ. So another tangible benefit to all Scottish Clubs from Celtic’s CL qualification? One that seems to have been missed is a few young scottish players are going to the benefit of playing in the Worlds premier club competition.

Just to be mischievous EJ, does every club receive a share of the ‘solidarity’ payment? Even a newly formed tribute club in SFL? Or will they take the moral high ground and refuse the charity from ‘their friends across the city’?

Any smoke signals from Hampden yet?

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The Rangers saga as it happened…
TSFM is blatantly not a Celtic site.

It insist so, merely makes us suspicious of the rest of your argument. The issue of European money in Scottish football can be discussed in a civil manner without the need for partisan insults.

For the record, I think any club earning money from a European campaign should be entitled to keep all the money they generate, they have earned the right to it from their previous league campaign, but as a quid pro qo I would like to see all finishing positions in the SPL awarded equal prize money.

Strange we’re almost into September and still not sign of any imminent SPL reform(including my personal bugbear 11-1). I’m starting to come round to EJ’s assertion that everybody’s favourite abstainer has been ‘bought’ with a seat on the SPL board.

The Rangers saga as it happened…
Congratulations to Celtic on their CL qualification. Great news for them, and good news for Scottish football.

Did someone say Armageddon?

The Rangers saga as it happened…
Not that I want to face the ignominy of appearing to defend Haudit and Daudit, but wouldn’t it be practically impossible to run any club at break-even from the months of February-May. Massive outgoings and very little(apart from prize money) coming in?

I’m not claiming that H&D were at any moment acting in the creditors best interests, but those expecting them to have turned a profit may be setting the bar too high.

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