The Real Battle Begins?


Cannot agree with Cowan’s views on the rearranged match. Would …

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Cannot agree with Cowan’s views on the rearranged match. Would the police etc ignore their fees for a rearranged match? As has been pointed out, 1.5 entry price for 1.5 matches was the charge to punters.

More disinformation from the MSM – even one of the good guys gets it wrong.

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The Real Battle Begins?
I wouldn’t take anything Di Stefano says remotely seriously. In fact, you shouldn’t dignify his idiotic rumblings by quoting them here.

Especially since he blocked me on twitter last week for pointing out some grammatical errors in his prose. #touchy

The Real Battle Begins?
Re McCoist’s comments on Naismith & Lafferty, surely the journo should have asked “Wouldn’t it have been morally correct if Duff & Phelps had done their job properly, and sold as many of the playing staff as possible, to raise as much money as possible to try and allow oldcom to survive, or at least boost the creditors pot?”

But I guess we’ll be a long time waiting for that sort of question to be asked.

The Real Battle Begins?
I think I’ll give the Investor’s Chronicle website a miss when I’m looking at investment advice. If they really think that the assets are worth £100m, they haven’t done their research properly.

As for a £50m cash pile . . . . I fully expect to see TRFC still about next May, but £50m in the bank!!!

Do me a favour, as Arthur Daley used to say.

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Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
I have to say, I’ve been very disappointed by some of the posts on here since handballgate, and the reaction to many other posts. Eminently sensible points made by rational posters end up with a massive amount of “thumbs downs”. TFSM has at least called a halt to all the conspiracy stuff. However, unfortunately, I don’t think some of the opinion and supposition posted here over the last couple of days has done the site any favours.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
So now Level 5 have rolled out Jim McColl for a BBC interview, in which states that the club is in safe hands with the new regime. Unfortunately, the company running the club (see what I did there?) is losing money hand over fist, and there is a going concern warning. Odd how Scotland’s most successful businessman seems to be unable to read a set of accounts. Or the BBC seem unable to ask him a searching question about these dire figures.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
I remain staggered by how much is spent by that organisation. £16m for six months! I thought the players’ wages were now c£6m pa? So that’s £13m spent on other stuff in six months? What? How? Where? It can’t all be on onerous contracts! The facilities are all falling apart, so it’s not as if it’s being spent on those. If Murray is really about transparency, perhaps he should explain, line by line, what exactly costs £13m ever 6 months at Ibrox.

And, as has been pointed out above, after stripping out the Commonwealth Games money and the Charlie Telfer fee, the operating loss actually increased by £697k compared with the prior year comparative!

What is the SFA going to do about this basket case of a company/club, which admits there is a serious going concern issue?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Just watched the Jackson video. Entirely predictable, all the errors of omission and commission he makes, but infuriating just the same. And he ends up by saying it would be “churlish” of anyone to say that Scottish football didn’t need Celtic and Rangers to be at the top fighting it out “like rutting stags”.

Well Keith, you can consider me churlish in the extreme.

Oh, and comparing Hearts to RFC(IL) as having suffered similar “insolvency” events just paints you as an idiot.

Spot the difference?
To echo various posters above, my experience of the appeal of the “OF” is that hardly anyone cares outside Scotland. I’ve lived in London since I left university in the early 80s. The common assumption was that, as a football supporter, I’d follow one of the OF. But beyond that, no one I knew (or know) gave/gives a damn about Scottish football. They assume the OF win everything, and the league is a joke. This has always been the case – there was never a time when the exploits of the OF made people I know sit up and take note – apart from the assumption that Glasgow was like Stalingrad after one of these games. Talk of halcyon days when the two of them fought battles to win the league are meaningless outside Scotland. I’ve long become inured to the ignorance shown down here toward the game in Scotland. Even when Dundee United were a force in Europe, interest was zilch. So again, like others, I’m mystified about all Doncaster and Regan’s talk about the marketing juggernaut which is the OF. Not from here it ain’t.

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