The Real Battle Begins?

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New Rangers prospectus p77, re. ‘We have not had the …

Comment on The Real Battle Begins? by Tartawulver.

New Rangers prospectus p77, re. ‘We have not had the opportunity of inspecting the Title Deeds of the subjects under valuation…we have assumed that the subjects are held under Title which is the equivalent of Heritable Ownership…have further assumed that the properties are free from encumbrances, restrictions or outgoings of an onerous nature which would have a material impact on the value.’
Why would a valuer not insist on seeing these, as their assumptions may be completely wrong? I didn’t see a statement along the lines of “and we have been assured by the title holder that this understanding is the case”. So basically it’s just a guess that everything is fine?

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The Real Battle Begins?
Not The Huddle Malcontent says:
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 12:43
a 3rd reason for the lack of investment….Charles green didn’t really want them too….hence why it was this time of year and £500, he didn’t want to give the fans a real say in the club….but wanted tolook like it had been offered (knowing it couldn’t be taken up)

And Keith Jackson says
Yes, with hindsight, Green may well be wishing now that he had not chosen to launch this issue in December, in the middle of a recession. He may also be thinking he was asking for too much when he set the minimum asking price at a monkey. Now I’m no Lord Sugar but wasn’t that all rather bleeding obvious
As KJ says, it was indeed rather bleeding obvious, there is no question about it. In fact, blatant might be a better word. It has been mentioned many time on this site that a hastily-arranged share issue with a high entry level cost, in the middle of a recession, the week before Christmas doesn’t smell of someone seriously seeking investors, but quite the opposite. And, other than the most diehard, dim or affluent, Rangers fans will be hard pressed to find money to back it when it could be spent on more essential things. I don’t, however, agree with KJ that there will be any element of ‘hindsight’ about the timing of the share offer.

The Real Battle Begins?
Maybe the Greenites will spend a couple of days spreading tales of woe about the takeup only being in the regrion of £1.5m or so. Then when it turns out to have actually raised £3m, this will be trumpeted as “well above what our critics were saying we would get”. Both Green and the MSM will forget the original projections. You will read that somehow another victory will have been be won!

Plus, if the takeup from fans is low, if Rangers fans ever get critical in the future, Green will be able to say “I gave you your chance to have a stake in the club and you turned it down”.

Lots of tactical possibilities, even from a failure.

The Real Battle Begins?
The blog has always had periods of inactivity, usually when nothing very much was happening externally. The next event is likely to be the end of the Green Rangers share offer, and there will no doubt be a lot of posturing and harrumphing in the media about, however it goes, that will give a bit more meat for chewing on

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
So it might seem Jimbo!

Also, good point, about facilities for football fans in wheelchairs. All it takes is for the fittest and ablest of us to break a leg to suddenly find ourselves ‘disabled’ and discover just how many barriers there are to doing everyday things. Let’s hope clubs can be more accommodating, and that any new stands that are built make appropriate allowance.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
Interview in the Guardian today with Eni Aluko about the way the English FA dealt with her complaint.

It contains the following, which put me in mind of another FA’s approach to the mechanics of rigorous investigation (my use of bold text and terms in square brackets).

‘…seeing a lot of half-truths, a lot of misrepresentations and a lot of insinuations…’
‘How could I trust the process if the FA couldn’t be bothered to speak to the key people?’
‘The findings don’t explain why certain people…weren’t spoken to. Yet the FA would like us to take it as an unequivocal conclusion. People weren’t spoken to under oath. People weren’t cross-examined. It’s not a high court judge. It’s a paid barrister’s opinion, based on half the evidence, without speaking to key witnesses – yet speaking to [people] who have a vested interest…I believe those [people] are terrified to speak out. They are not going to speak out and…I wouldn’t either in their position.’
‘I empathise with the barrister, if I’m honest. I believe she was deliberately chosen… Her name has been plastered everywhere. I believe she has been given only half the information.’
‘The FA…had ignored key evidence so that’s why my lawyers wrote to them saying: ‘This is not a genuine search for the truth’

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
The Rangers drubbed various teams of assorted professionals / semi-pros / amateurs on their rise through the divisions. But that was only to be expected as their wages were vastly higher than their opponents.

Celtic hammered the Rangers, but that was only to be expected as their wages were vastly higher than their opponents.
Barcelona stuffed Celtic, but that was only to be expected as their wages were vastly higher than their opponents.

Football has always been dominated by big teams (usually big city teams able to attract higher attendances and hence matchday receipts), but now the the world game is well on the way to ossifying into structures based purely on financial categories, rather than competitiveness. The opposite of the US model of drafts and the sharing of resources to constantly regenerate competition, it is only a matter of time before enough people get fed up watching the same fare over and over again. A 7-0 might once have been an astonishing result, these days you just look at the two teams, check their categories, and you’d probably already factored in about 5 of those goals as the potential result anyway.

My generation was raised on football being in the bloodstream, a fixed number of big teams but rough round the edges in terms of the appearance of Ferguson’s Aberdeen, McLean’s Dundee United, Kendall’s Everton, Clough’s Forest, and so on. But we are witnessing the death of football, at least until it regenerates itself, not as yet another bigger (world? interplanetary?) league, but ones that are based on competitiveness.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
The Rangers are sorely in need of some PR advice on when a period of silence might be to their advantage. Empty barrels, most noise and all that.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
wottpiSeptember 12, 2016 at 08:56 
When everything is going so well at Celtic Park just now why do these imbeciles continually want to score classless own goals against their club?
The ‘hanging dolls’ were worse than classless, and they were more than insults only to Rangers supporters. They were an affront to decency. How anyone could have such a lack of understanding as to how they would be perceived is beyond me. As I think Angela Haggery tweeted, they also allow an equivalence to be given to the actions of the two supports, 1-1 when seen against trashing the stadium toilets. The actions also support the ‘they’re both the same’ point of view. Crass, disturbing, malevolent, idiocy.

I doff my cap to the Celtic support for their support of the Palestinians. I hope your supporters will condemn the ‘hanging doll’ event unequivocally.

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