The Real Battle Begins?

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I’m obviously stuck in some freakin’ parallel universe, where lateral …

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I’m obviously stuck in some freakin’ parallel universe, where lateral and obdurate thinking is the norm for a good part of Sevconia – a prospectus written by the new club owners: details in black and white that the old Rangers is no more … and yet they celebrate a 140th anniversary.
When did that number become a milestone in human timelines?
Could it be they’ve now also boycotted the Gregorian calender, redefined the vernal equinox measurements and their history is now expounded in – Bear years.

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The Real Battle Begins?
So Mr Smith, your 20 years of emotional attachment with the Arabs meant zip. Dundee Utd were only one of the member clubs of the SPL who discharged the rules of governance, and yet you feel it’s right to participate in the public condemnation and victimisation of the club.

By zealously embracing this new Sevco mantra of “we’ll never forget” you’re ensuring that for many years to come, plenty of football fans will be raucously reminding the players and fans of the Ibrox club – that the disastrous route you helped implement and defend, was simply aberrant to the majority of fair minded supporters.

The Real Battle Begins?
Cannot believe what I’m reading tonight … Charles Green, the CEO of a Scottish ‘institution’ publicly supporting a fan boycott, to willfully damage the finances of another club!
Someone from the SFA should sit him down, look him straight in the eye, shoo away the bluetits tweeting and fluttering around his head and inform him; that his club and bullying fans are banned from this year’s Scottish Cup.

The Real Battle Begins?
It’s been quite a few years, since I last held a hard copy of the Daily Revisionist in my hand and to this day I can still remember the circumstances – it wasn’t exactly a ‘Watergate’ type exposé or a natural disaster that kept the moment alive in my memory … it was just that I was ‘caught short’ on the West Highland Way and desperate to avoid my own seismic event.
Long before I even moved out here to Italy, I had given up buying Scottish tabloid comics, but I do have to admit that I still occasionally take a digital peek at their headlines; just to establish at what murky depths our sports journalists are now currently feeding.
These past few days the red tops have surpassed even my very low expectations of crass and evasive reporting, with both front and back pages delivering the tranquillising news to the Bears of a ‘Shock and Awesome’ victory over HMRC. Coverage that was so over the top (and misleading), that it came as something of a disappointment when the DR didn’t include Dolby Surround Sound when I opened their mollifying banner headlines on my computer.
In complete contrast, pick up a newspaper in Glasgow’s twinned city of Turin, and you’ll find a very different media beast … when Juventus, the Establishment team and historically the most successful team in Italy were found guilty of match fixing in the ‘Calciopoli’ scandal, they were universally slated by every journalist and TV commentator in the media.
This team was a genuine colossus in world football, with a trophy room overflowing with trophies, yet decisions taken by the very top of their management hierarchy, decided unequivocally, to cheat their way to further success. They were subsequently relegated to Serie B, stripped of two titles (2005/2006) and were justifiably pilloried across the whole spectrum of Italian society by refusing to accept their obvious wrongdoing and guilt ( a police wiretap demolished their defence strategy).
TuttoSport – the daily sports tabloid based in Turin and normally the most vociferous of Juve supporters in print, decided they couldn’t defend in any way, the club’s actions and became one of their fiercest critics. And needless to say the country’s biggest selling sports daily; La Gazzetta dello Sport (de facto supporters of the Milan clubs) declared open season on ‘La Vecchia Signora’ and ripped into them for months.
In a country where corruption is truly a way of life, the media have been unstinting in their pursuit of anyone or any club that discredits their national sport, a valued principal that our own MSM have somehow lost over the years. And even this week, there was continuing criticism in the tabloids, on the lenient sentence that Antonio Conte (the Juve manager) received, for remaining silent about match fixing at his former club; Siena.
As a group, the Italian media should take great credit for sustaining this united front in their investigations of cheating football clubs. A practice that has seen them publish evidence of corruption in a host of top flight clubs since the 70’s. Consequently this type of openness and honesty, allows the fans to invest their trust in Italian sports journalism, knowing that the professionals will get to the heart of a developing story and publish a balanced report, allowing them in turn to make up their own minds on the subject.
Can that be said about our own MSM? – an incestuous cabal of old and cold blooded hacks, who continually produce a conveyor belt, of the same palliative stories for one particular readership, and then highlight their own incompetence by trying to stem and discredit the undercurrent of truth, that frequently appears on the many well informed social media sites.
Where will the Scottish media go from here? utilising my uncanny Delphic ability on the SPL side letter adjudication … a guilty verdict will be reported by the tabloids with the restrained formality of an obituary, but if it’s NOT GUILTY! the headlines will be in Technicolour and Cinerama
(and a free pair of 3D glasses thrown in with every copy).

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Who Is Conning Whom?
A thought with regards to EB;
If I had a solicitor’s practice and wanted to evaluate any new associates … I would ask them to put forward a plausible argument; to counter a water tight, legal adjudication and then hand them the old club/new club brief.Tell them to post their comments on the SFM website, where they would find very well informed, articulate contributors, more than capable of rebutting every single part of their argument. The associates cannot win, but then, that’s not the point.

The Immortality Project
A fine, perceptive piece ‘Humble’. Straight to the heart of the TRFC fans quandary.

Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
Eco, Essex, Martin etc …
I’ll also need to put my hand up to frequenting those fine establishments. ( the Kings cafe eco ?) Conspiracy anyone?

Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
RyanGosling says:
August 30, 2013 at 10:03 pm

I think at some point CG must seen that Goldman Sachs phrase and took it to mean; a long term rip off.
Gus Levy’s own description of the phrase ‘long term greedy’ was … being professional, keeping your word, cleaning up messes and honouring relationships with clients and employees. In other words doing the right thing for no reason, all the time. Qualities the Green faction seem have mislaid in their determined rush for the blue pound.
On a different note; I was in Chamonix today to watch the start of the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail (166kms race over the Alps) One of the runners was wearing a Sixth Sense T-shirt with a new tagline -” I see Rangers fans”. Totally out of place, but that made it even funnier.

Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
Just had a look for myself at Keith Jackson’s piece in the Daily Revision.
Affirmation if it was really needed, as to why the DR closed down their football comments page … an article containing as many lies as lines!

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