The Real Battle Begins?


If he is a “director”, which is a very lofty …

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if he is a “director”, which is a very lofty position, but which sevco company is he a director of.

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The Real Battle Begins?
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Monday, December 17, 2012 at 23:40

Just in case there is any doubt about the relationship between the “club” and “company”, here is the SFA’s view in relation to the National Club Licencing Criteria:

Click to access 3.%20The%20Club%20and%20the%20Licence%20Award%20(2)b.pdf

Part 2 – National Club Licensing
Section 3 – The Club and the Licence Award
3.1 Definition of the Club
The club is a full member and/or an associate member of the Association and the expression “membership” shall be construed accordingly.

3.8 Withdrawal of a Licence or an adjustment of the award
A licence may be withdrawn or adjusted after it has been awarded by the Scottish FA if the licence applicant:
• Is presented for its winding up or where the member club in question shall convene a meeting to pass a resolution for voluntary winding up or shall enter into any form of liquidation.;

So, the club (as the Licence Applicant) will face sanctions if it is “presented for its winding up or where the member club in question shall convene a meeting to pass a resolution for voluntary winding up or shall enter into any form of liquidation.”

Of course, as we all know, these are legal events that can only happen if the club is an incorporated legal entity. AKA a company.

In relation to the UEFA Club Licensing (as implemented by the SFA), the definitions are even more explicit:

Click to access 03%20The%20Club%20as%20Licence%20Applicant%20and%20Licence%20(2).pdf

Part 3 – UEFA Club Licensing
Section 3 – The Club as Licence Applicant and the UEFA Licence
3.1 Definition of Licence Applicant
3.1.1 The Licence Applicant may only be a football club, that is the legal entity fully responsible for the football team participating in national and international competitions and which is the legal entity member of the Scottish Football Association (Full or Associate Member). The licence applicant is responsible for the fulfillment of the club licensing criteria.

…and just in case you think the SFA may have misunderstood or mis-quoted UEFA on this, here is what UEFA have to say:

Article 1 – Definition of terms
For the purpose of these rules, the following definitions apply:
a) Licence applicant: football club, i.e. legal entity fully and solely responsible for a football team participating in national club competitions, which has applied for a licence to enter UEFA club competitions.

The fiction that The Rangers Football Club plc (founded in 1872/3 and incorporated in 1899) was not a football club is simply not evidenced by any article or rule that I can find.

Of course, the same articles and rules are testament to the fact that Rangers International Football Club plc (founded & incorporated in 2012) is not a football club.


great post.

sevco did not play any “friendlies” over the summer, ’cause they were not allowed to.
they were a new team and had no licence, until they were granted a licence status
(“conditional”) – which is not in the sfa rules.

sevco are a new club in the scottish leagues.

The Real Battle Begins?

history comes to an end – for comet

The Real Battle Begins?
why did sevco not play any games during the summer?

because they were a new team at the time and did not have an sfa licence 1

a new team + no licence.

i stand to be erected, but –

[isn’t that why all the ‘pre-season’ friendlies got cancelled]

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Oliver Burke scores on debut…but rival fans are protesting against the way the club (or is it a company) 
are ‘funded’…financial doping !?!?M

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
on the subject of Made up news 


Made up History 
(a team from ibrokes getting 4 penalties in One game) that isn’t new or news !

Staying On The Problem
Another world record for Sevco ?  

(A Home tie in a ‘cup’ game . . . have Sevco ever had an away game
since their 1st ever (birth) game  Brechin -v- Sevco (not sure if it was Sevco5088 or SevcoScotland)

Staying On The Problem
RMCGEDDAWNAUGUST 6, 2016 at 12:55
Anyone help with further questions for the SFM Scottish football quiz?
1. Name the only footballer to have played for all three Old Firm Clubs?2. Which two major Scottish clubs were never ever relegated from the top division?

1 – Kenny Miller has played for Rangers FC, Celtic FC and The Rangers FC
2 – Celtic FC and Rangers FC* have never been relegated (* before going bust and into Liquidation)

Staying On The Problem
UPTHEHOOPSAUGUST 3, 2016 at 10:15 3 1 Rate This
Attachment Dave King Oldco
Re Tom English and his recent Tweets. Someone just posted this to him, stating they are happy to acknowledge Rangers as the same club as long as King follows up on this vow. To be fair to English he agrees with the poster it is a fair point.

The point is Tom English is happy to ‘agree’ with people who provide such evidence on Twitter.

what he is not willing to do, is agree with like minded callers on radio shows 
nor is he willing to state in print (newspaper columns) that Sevco and Rangers are two seperate clubs and that Sevco is a new club.

he is a coward who doesn’t want to end up like Brittny!

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