The Real Battle Begins?


Sometimes you need to know where to draw a line …

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Sometimes you need to know where to draw a line and start again. So as an Arab, I’d like to say many thanks to The Rangers for appointing Jim Traynor.

It’s takes a degree of integrity to start paying someone for services he has been performing for years. I’m sure he will be paid a proper salary and not some form of mysterious non repayable loan.

Rangers should also be thanked for their services to the Daily Record and the BBC as I hear Traynor is away from the BBC and Jim and Your Call is no more!

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The Real Battle Begins?
Haven’t spotted any comment on the fact that the Scottish football authorities are not alone in being accused of administering limp justice in response to offences committed. UEFA in the firing line:

The Real Battle Begins?

HIBERNIAN chairman Rod Petrie is adamant there is no way the future of Scottish football will be carved up to help speed Rangers’ return to the top flight. ….

“A softer financial landing takes away the threat to the very survival of a club through relegation. Neither plan is being advanced as a mechanism to provide for the accelerated promotion of Rangers. There have been constructive discussions of late and more discussions are planned for the weeks ahead. Your club will continue to play its part in these discussions at the top table of Scottish football.”

Good statement from Rod Petrie IMHO. Two major flaws with the current SPL set up; 1) the very limited scope for promotion and relegation to the SPL with no play offs, just one relegation slot and 2) the financial “cliff” that spells disaster for any relegated team and therefore motivates teams to preserve that limited scope out of fear of increasing the risk of relegation. The SPL 12/12 proposal together with adequate financial re-distribution to “smooth out” the cliff would address those issues.

Greater scope for promotion would aid Rangers once in the First Division, but fair enough on the basis that the same rules would apply to all teams seeking promotion and the changes deal with the existing issues (as above).

The Real Battle Begins?
nowoldandgrumpy says:
Monday, December 10, 2012 at 22:28

SAFC statement – Posted on December 10th, 2012 at 22:14

It is disappointing in the extreme that a headline arising from Saturday’s game versus Rangers should be in connection with one of our young fans being struck by a coin rather than the focus being about our battling performance that arguably came within a couple of inches of pulling off a remarkable draw.


Am I the only one surprised to read about this? I don’t recall seeing any headlines in the MSM and an internet search reveals no obvious coverage. So have I missed it or has it been ignored and if so why at a time when a coin throwing incident is all the news? Don’t want to be hyper neurotic and I would accept that there are reasons the Rio Ferdinand incident (famous and a player) would get more coverage but is it just not newsworthy as it is a young Stirling Albion fan or is not newsworthy because it is a young Stirling Albion fan at Ibrox?

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
I’m usually in lurker mode these days but I’m puzzled by this Barton story. 
If I was working for any self respecting media organisation, especially one allegedly national and objective, then I would be wondering why has this story appeared in the newspapers now, who is responsible for it being leaked and what is their objective in doing so? 
I’d also observe that based on recent precedents (see examples in BBC article, link) Barton should surely be expecting, IF guilty, somewhere in the region of a six match ban, three or four of which would be suspended.
Instead Radio Shortbread, based on the postings here, is busy already deciding the fate of the guilty (allegedly) one. I write based on postings here as I stopped listening a while back. Maybe one or two others have done the same.

Journey’s End?
Incidentally rest assured that any decline in season ticket renewal at Celtic will be put down to the fans voting on the future of Deila by the MSM. Of course that could be true. But I’d be astonished if Res 12 gets any mention as a possible factor!

Journey’s End?
BIG PINKAPRIL 19, 2016 at 08:54 39 8  Rate This 
The successes Rangers have had on the field of late have seen SFM numbers down. In fact, and worryingly for the future of SFM, over a third of our monthly subscriptions have been cancelled in the last two months and our daily traffic has reduced by a commensurate 35%.
I’d echo the comments of others on here that the decline in SFM numbers (fact) may not be an outcome of The Rangers recent success on the field (conjecture). For many if that club have won the Championship with the best team and without the benefit of financial doping (which I hope is true) then fair enough. I think it is at least as likely that there is a sense of fatigue with the continued strategy of the MSM, authorities and clubs to ignore and attempt to marginalise those who have justified ongoing concerns at the governance of our game given the events of 2011 / 2012. The recent torrent of MSM propaganda which would suggest that Scottish football is all about one rivalry with all other clubs just so much blank canvas on which to paint blue and green brush strokes doesn’t really help and indeed ignores and is an insult to the many positive aspects of what many would see as something of a renaissance over the last few years.

If what we have seen over the last four years is a war for the soul of Scottish football, it may be tempting to be concerned with the current position, but we need to take a long term view. Some battles will be won, some not. It may be that Resolution 12 is too technical to galvanise a large number of supporters of all clubs in the way the blatant attempt at re-writing the rules in 2012 so that a form of a liquidated club could be in the top flight was. But given that we KNOW the authorities have a bias towards special treatment for those that that they see as the essence of what Scottish football is all about, that we KNOW the MSM including the BBC are lickspittles to that agenda, then the role of those who continue to independently and objectively scrutinise is all the more important. Whatever the outcome on Res 12 there will be other issues. If any club is again intended to benefit from the largess of authorities more concerned with what they consider to be important instead of the fair application of the rules we have to be ready. The MSM are in decline. This is the age of the bampots.

Look Back to Look Forward
I see Livingston FC have had to apologise after a quite shocking 10 post on their official twitter feed!
I’m not clear what was more offensive, the suggestion that second tier rules would accommodate the needs of Sevco (by re-scheduling the final game for tv) or mis-naming of Sevco as “The Rangers.”
It is extraordinary the contrast between the MSM triumphant return propoganda stuff and how a low profile tweet on the feed of a second tier club can lead to such a rapid retraction. It’s a funny old world.

Look Back to Look Forward
JOHN CLARKMARCH 23, 2016 at 17:20
No I didn’t hear that JC. I find that periodically I change station or turn the volume down almost as a reflex action. 
Not surprised by the anecdote of course, that is “well behaved” journalists getting the juicy stories along with the juicy lamb! As for Kenny Mac becoming a journalistic truth seeker, well I guess anything is possible but I won’t get my hopes up! 02

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