The Real Battle Begins?

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Is it possible that the boycott is merely sour grapes …

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Is it possible that the boycott is merely sour grapes over the 40k due from a previous cup match that trfc said was paid but dutd said wasn’t paid ? …. And has it indeed been paid ?

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The Real Battle Begins?
really puzzled as to why ex rfc personnel are coming out and doing PR for charlie and his share issue …. could it be that charlie has some incriminating evidence on some or all of those who are now onside with him … maybe his big hauns are squeezing some nutz ? Aye / Naw ?

The Real Battle Begins?
Ah seriously doubt there will be any substantial investment coming from fans …. They didn’t dig deep when Murray was in need ….. And I do wonder how the not so pleasant element will react towards the MSM for going along with this scam ……. OR … Maybe there is indeed a plan/agreement between CG & Co with Walter & DK whereby some of DK’s dirty dosh is being laundered to the benefit of RFC ? ? ……… The silence from certain bluenoses is deafening !

The Real Battle Begins?
Briggsbhoy …. Sorry pal but I nearly ruptured ma sides there ……… “What if he still had dual involvement and the two teams met in European competition!”

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This weekend the only fixture that captures the eye is
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It really is shocking that so much money gets thrown at that league !

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Surely an error on this page ???

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Re King & his money
He has more shares than MA , irrelevant really
But he could have loaned money to RIFC anytime
In the same manner as Big Mike
And took security over assets & badges etc
In the same manner as Big Mike

So Dave … Why didn’t you mate ????

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