The Real Battle Begins?

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Killie Fans Your team have played better than they did today, but …

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Killie Fans

Your team have played better than they did today,
but i have to say, i loved your huge banner behind the goal.


a nice touch,

Let,s keep football an Honest game.

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The Real Battle Begins?
Humble Pie

Jock Stein

“Football is nothing without fans”

We cannot let the great man down.

The Real Battle Begins?
Will BDO challenge the names or branding of all these new clubs/companys/holding companys/etc etc. ? They all sound a bit to similar to Oldco.

The Real Battle Begins?
at 10.35

I have to agree , more should be done now & not when it is to late .
We have to save our game ourselves, because it has become clear
that the paid officials at the SFA & the press, that rely on the pound
in our pocket are hell bent on trying to re-establish the stranglehold
that the oldco team held over us all. We cannot let this farce to carry
on before they become accepted into society & we are back to square one.
The Cheats cannot Win !

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A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!
Sean Fallon

I will raise a glass to you tonight sir.

May your soul rest in peace

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
FTT Result

Sorry if this has been posted earlier, but been busy lately & trying to catch up.

A reliable HMRC employee told me it is indeed the MIH legal team that is delaying

the result. It is thought that they are trying to remove all personal information before

it is released to the public. For example Mr Walter Smithy becomes Mr X.

Mr Graham Sourpuss becomes Mr Y.

Mr Minty becomes Mr Z.

etc. etc.

I do not know if this is common practise in these situations or if it is legal, hopefully some

experts on here can shed some light on this. It may however explain how some old faces

have suddenly re-appeared over the last week or so looking a bit SMUG !

Three Shakes … and a Twist
Is it just me , or does anyone else feel like they are now peering down
into a very deep, stank lurid Snake Pit full of Vipers and someone has
just tossed a live rat over the edge. ?
I would never have thought that all this corporate skullduggery
would be such fun.

Three Shakes … and a Twist
A Simple Appeal,

Dear all , I (a simple engineer) have enjoyed the education that i have received both here

and before on RTC from all the Legal Eagles & the Beancounters that have contributed so

well during this long drawn out affair, even if a lot of the info went over my head.

May i ask that when the FTT Result is published , can some kind sole translate the

important parts into Laymans Terms Please. I am sure that there are many more people

following this site that would greatly appreciate this. (including some members of the press)

Thankyou All.

In justice we trust.

Naming the Rose
Sadly any reports of “Civil War ” or ” Kicking Off” should not be dismissed too lightly.

I have had a few reports from friends in Stirling telling how several city centre public houses
were trashed on saturday afternoon. There was also an incident at the train station where
a small army of Zombie followers had a stand off with a huge Police presence.
Not very pleasant for the residents & God only knows what the Tourists made of this. They probably thought that Bannockburn was still going on !

I have still to find any newspaper that mentions any of this. Why ?

The Press have a ” DUTY ” to help to protect Society , not just one corrupt football club.
Old or New.

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