The Real Battle Begins?

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Mr GWB IMO, the offer is probably only worth about 30p, …

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IMO, the offer is probably only worth about 30p, which is a long way short of 70p.

Now putting the Rangers hat back on, there is even more reason to be cynical about this offer. Post float, the public will only have 20% of shares. 34% are being offered privately to institutional investors (banks, pension funds, etc) and the other 46% will remain with the original investors. My experience with listed companies is that this provides no democracy at all. Institutional investors don’t get active and more or less just always support the existing directors. If they are unhappy investors, they just sell-out.
Gawd almighty, so L&G et al buy shares at 70p which are probably worth 30p, and expect to make money for their policyholders as well as pay their own wages. They must be expecting one holl of a dividend.

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The Real Battle Begins?
It must mean that the money they lose investing in a failed share issue is less than the money they save on their tax bill? That means basically you can never lose when investing then, it’s a win win situation in my eyes. You have your gains and the reduction you get on your tax bill from your Capital losses is more than your losses.

Doesn’t make sense.
This has been put forward as an excuse before, and like you I can’t make any sense out of it.
Perhaps we are back to the wishful thinking, no?

The Real Battle Begins?
RM – Posted Today, 12:51 PM

According to a source close to club only £1.25m put in by our fans so far.
We know that Celtic’s people put in circa £4m at their share issue.
Come on lads lets show them what THE people will put into to support the Rangers and protect it for future generations. WATP

The fans in Ulster have found another outlet for their money, Union Jacks by the million.

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For Christ’s sake please withdraw, recant, retract the above or you will have every farmer in Ireland down on all of us. IFA stands for Irish Farmer’s Association. Please.

The IFA is actually the Northern Ireland FA.

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I’m on Kodi thanks to tcup, but I find it very hard work.

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John Clark says:
Remember the poster who , in anguished tones , complained about the avatar assigned to him? I’ve forgotten his actual words, but they were along the lines of ‘ Oh, sweet….., what kind of an ugly wee creature of an avatar have I been landed with’!
His plaintiff cry was pethaps the funniest thing I’ve read on the blog,in thr early days of TSFM.

‘Twas about the only useful thing I’ve done on this site, however, still keeping up every day. A belated apology to BRTL, or was it Essex? for making him spit out his coffee!

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Loved hogmanay shows,they were shown in N.I.I still can see a very intoxicating Eddi Reader propping up an Edinburgh hallway singing a Dean Martin number, can anyone confirm?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
hoffed’ on the pavement edge,

It was good to share, even the paper that stuck, and the grit.

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